Mobile phone insurance: What insurance is there and which one interests me?

At present, it can be said that practically everyone has a smartphone, since the age to have a mobile is getting younger. For this reason, mobile phone insurance has increased in popularity. But what types are there and which one should we hire?

What is cell phone insurance?

Mobile phones have become an extension of their owner. It goes wherever you go, allowing you to communicate with others, be entertained, informed, and even perform work-related tasks.

Due to its importance, there are many elements intended for its protection, such as cases or covers. However, these do not manage to protect them from all the risks they may suffer, and this is where mobile phone insurance comes into play.

If a repair has to be made, this type of insurance speeds up the procedures, in addition to offering a replacement mobile until it is finished and covering the high costs of a theft or major breakage. At Assegur we launched mobile insurance, a pioneer in Andorra, and we do so with coverage according to need: basic, superior and comprehensive coverage that covers damage and theft. We have also adapted the coverage to the price of your mobile, so we have a totally flexible offer.

If we take into account the ease with which mobile phones fall and break, having this insurance is a worthwhile investment. However, it is important to know how to choose the modality, we explain it below:

Types of mobile insurance

Although each insurance company or technology store will have its own conditions, mobile phone insurance is usually of three main types; each of them with a particular coverage.


The basic insurance only covers breakage or damage to the screen. The solution offered to this type of problem is the repair of it.


The modality that follows the basic one is the superior one. Within this coverage, not only the basic aspects that we mentioned in the previous point are covered, but the theft of the device is also added. If this is the case, the company provides a similar phone or one with very similar features.


This type of mobile phone insurance is equivalent to those known as all risk. Within this modality, the repair of all the damages that the telephone may suffer or the substitution for another in case of not being repairable, the damages by water, the robberies and thefts are covered.

However, when talking about damages, those caused intentionally or those derived from the use of the device itself are not included.

What does mobile insurance cover?

Robbery, theft, accidental damage and fraudulent calls.

  • In the event of robbery or theft, the device is replaced by another with the same or similar characteristics.
  • Accidental damage: if the terminal suffers a fall into water, screen breakage or strong blows, your terminal will be replaced or repaired at the request of the insured.
  • Fraudulent calls: if there are fraudulent calls associated with the robbery/theft, they will be covered up to a maximum of €2,000.

And also: worldwide coverage and extended warranty.

  • Worldwide coverage: so that your business can continue to function wherever your claim occurs, we cover you once you return to Spain.
  • Warranty extension: as the warranty offered by mobile manufacturers only lasts three years, Seguro Móvil extends the warranty after the second year, so that you are also covered against internal breakdowns.

Situations where our phone would not be covered:

  • Loss: the user leaves the terminal unattended. There has been no robbery or theft.
  • Faults in warranty period: the terminal fails without being damaged. They are assumed by the manufacturer for 3 years.
  • Cosmetic damage: scratches, nicks or chips. Does not affect operation.
  • Number of claims covered: 3 claims, (3 accidental damage or 1 robbery/theft – 2 accidental damage).

Conditions of contracting Mobile Insurance

  • You can insure all the mobile devices that you have purchased with Orange, during the 30 calendar days after their purchase. Even if you have your mobile and your tablet associated with the same line.
  • The mobile insurance only covers the claims of the device associated with it. If you have more than one device, don’t forget to secure it too to keep it protected.
  • It is contracted for an annual period and is paid monthly on the Orange invoice.
  • The renewal of Mobile Insurance is annual and automatic, although you can cancel said renewal at any time through the Mi Orange App or by calling 1470 if you are an individual or 1471 if you are a company.
  • If you make a change of owner of the Orange mobile line, remember to transfer the Mobile Insurance to continue enjoying the same advantages that were initially contracted.
  • Any malfunction of the mobile, such as unexpected shutdown, is considered a fault.


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