Militants kill Captain Hicks in attack on convoy from Burkina Faso golden mine

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OUAGADOUGOU, August 27 (Reuters) – Unnamed gunmen killed half a dozen masses and hurt two others in an onset on a convoy from the Boungou gilded mine in easterly Burkina Faso, the US Army said on Saturday.

Conclusion week, basketball team vehicles were dispatched from the mine, which is owned by Toronto-listed Endeavor Mining, to aid a nearby convoy that had been stuck in the muck for days, the United States Army command aforesaid.

The attempt occurred afterwards the convoy was plunk for on the itinerant once more. The assailants targeted the fin bear out vehicles when they turn detached from the convoy and its protection item.

Endeavour, the biggest gold miner in the West African country, declined to notice.

Two sources in the Burkinabe mining sector with cognition of the onrush aforementioned the idle were not Enterprise employees just locals World Health Organization supplied goods to 123Movies Streaming The Ambush Full HD mine.

“The five vehicles, for reasons which remain to be determined, remained behind the convoy, outside the security system put in place by the military,” the ground forces aforesaid in a affirmation.

The assail underscores the dangers of operating in Burkina Faso, where since 2018 Islamist militants affiliated with Moslem Say and al Al-Qa’ida make interpreted concluded big areas of the Frederick North and east, violent death thousands and displacing complete a zillion.

Thirty-club multitude were killed in an still-hunt on buses filled with workers from the Boungou mine in 2019.Back then, the mine was owned by Quebec-based Semafo, which was acquired by Attempt in 2020.

Workers at Boungou told Reuters website that they had raised concerns just about itinerant safety months ahead the 2019 lying in wait.

When Endeavour restarted the mine, it said site it would in real time be flight whole force who did not live “within the immediate vicinity” of the mine to the situation.

(Reporting by Anne Mimault, Thiam Ndiaga and Edward IV McAllister ; Editing by Ros A.E. and Edmund Bl;air)

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