Merchant Plan How to Increase Sales

By making a plan that has been prepared in advance, it will help to take time when approaching the holiday so that business actors are more focused on the products being marketed.

Then, what kind of planning is needed? The most important and first thing is to make a strategy using the right market analysis. For example, what products are really needed when approaching the holiday or even product trends during Eid.

  1. If you have an offline store, make it as beautiful as possible

This is necessary to attract buyers and also give a good first impression of your store. The right way to make your shop beautiful is to add a special holiday interior.

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Well, if you don’t have an offline store, the thing that needs to be done is to make the catalog on your online store website as attractive as possible.

This is where the interest of customers to come back and buy your product will emerge.

  1. Take advantage of technology:

Especially for business actors who have not been integrated with your technology, you will definitely experience difficulties. Moreover, nowadays people are more interested in buying products online for cheaper reasons.

By joining e-commerce and having two stores, online and offline, it will help increase sales turnover to the maximum.

  1. Give a promo :

The last tip is to give special promos when approaching the holidays or Eid. By providing special promos, consumers will be interested and buy your product.

The special promo that you can give is a discount or discount promo and for those of you who have an online store, you can do free shipping promos throughout Indonesia.

So, those are four tips that business people can use to increase sales turnover, especially approaching the Eid day like now.


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