The Definitive Guide to Shopping at Men’s Wearhouse

The Men’s Wearhouse has been around since 1973, and it has more than 1000 locations all over the country (and in Canada). But what really sets it apart from the competition? What makes the Men’s Wearhouse an ideal place to shop? In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need about shopping at the Men’s Wearhouse so that you can shop there yourself with confidence. We’ll also talk about some of our favorite aspects of the store, as well as some areas where improvement could be made.

When should you go for an extra-extra tall suit?

If you’re really tall, consider taking a trip to Men’s Wearhouse. While most stores (even online) offer only regular, long, and extra-long options, Men’s Wearhouse will make an extra-extra-long suit for those who need it—for free. Men’s Wearhouse has one stipulation: your sleeve length must be below your knuckles. If you’re above 6’8, call ahead and ask if they can help you. If you’re in San Francisco or London, head to House of Measuring Man—they can tailor you up there. Everyone else? Go old school with handkerchiefs and cufflinks or look on eBay or Etsy for bespoke solutions.

How can you check if the suit fits?

With its huge selection and competitive prices, Men’s Wearhouse is a great place to go for men’s suits. But it can be difficult to know if that new wool suit will fit without trying it on. The key is knowing what kind of suit you need and what measurements you should take beforehand. To ensure a perfect fit, check out some of these tips before going shopping

Suits come in different weights. What does this mean?

You’ll see descriptions like breezy or traditional weight for suits on Men’s Wearhouse website. Here, breezy indicates a suit with a lighter fabric, while traditional weight refers to sturdier fabrics and details. A breezy suit might be more appropriate in warmer climates, while a traditional weight suit will hold up better in colder weather. What type of suit you want depends largely on your climate, job type and personal preference. Keep in mind that men typically wear different types of dress shirts (collar type, fabric and color) underneath their suits based on temperature and event—you don’t want to put on something too light if it means sweating all day or freezing if you’re heading outside!

Why can some suits be cheaper than others even though they’re from the same label?

It’s tempting to think that if a suit is expensive, it must be worth it. In reality, one can pay too much for a suit just as easily as they can pay too little. If you don’t know what you’re looking for when shopping suits, it might not take long before you find yourself investing in something you won’t wear more than once or twice—or ever again. The first step in knowing how to shop men’s wearhouse is researching brands and learning about fabric quality and fits. The better job you do shopping for your suits now, when prices are lower, means that buying quality garments later on will be easier on your wallet—and wardrobe.

Here are some ways you can spot fake suits from real ones.

Zegna and Brioni are well-known luxury brands. Luxury brands usually have many stores around, so if you see an advert of a high end brand and it doesn’t have many locations, chances are that it isn’t a legitimate company. Also, luxury suits tend to be very expensive due to their craftsmanship and material quality; so if you find one that is selling for lower than usual, there might be something wrong with it. The best way to shop for designer suits is online since they typically have a good return policy. Men’s wearhouse offers a great selection of high quality designer suits that will last for years if properly taken care of. If your main concern is comfort look out for cotton or linen fabric instead of wool.

How do you know if a fabric is made with pure wool?

The good news is that today, in most cases, it’s easy to tell. Most higher-end stores label clothing made with pure wool 100% Wool. However, some cheaper labels might use terms like wool blend or just list a percentage of wool on a tag. If you’re still not sure after reading these cues, then reach out to customer service: The associate there can double-check for you and let you know what your options are. Once you’ve found something from Men’s Wearhouse that has 100% wool fabric, then there are three more things that make all of our men’s sweaters premium—and keep them feeling soft for years.

What are the care instructions listed on clothing tags?

I’m going to assume that most men don’t regularly check clothing care instructions, but maybe they should. Most brands list specific washing instructions on their clothing tags (and hangtags), and these details can help determine how you can clean a piece without damaging it. At first glance, these rules may seem unnecessary or excessively thorough, but really: A little TLC during laundry can go a long way for your clothes. Keeping up with these simple guidelines could help your clothing last longer — not to mention add years onto its lifespan. Men’s Wearhouse Lingerie Care Instructions: Wash by hand in lukewarm water with like colors.

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying dress shirts online.

The biggest thing is fit. If you have a larger than average size, you’re probably not going to be able to find an off-the-rack shirt that fits well enough that you don’t look ridiculous. You’ll probably have better luck buying shirts custom made by a tailor or designer who specializes in dress wear. While men’s wearhouse isn’t likely to make a perfect fit for every body type and style, if your favorite shirt is already available online, chances are pretty good it will work well for you.

What can account for differences in prices across stores?

With retail stores, it can be difficult to determine which store is best. Factors like brand, location, and price are taken into account when consumers decide where they’ll buy a product. Some sites exist that compare prices online but typically focus on items and not services or local differences in pricing. A better understanding of how these factors affect pricing can give customers a leg up on their competition and lead them directly to deals available right now. This primer will explain how marketers set prices, what strategies customers can use when comparing across channels, and who currently offers best prices for different products (hint: not Men’s Wearhouse).

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