Material Management Course is one of the best Courses In SAP

Material Management Course is one of the best Courses In SAP. It handles procurement handling and Inventory management. Material Management Course covers all the functions within the supply chain, including Consumption-based planning, Planning, Invoice verification, and Vendor evaluation.

What is meant by material Management?

Materials management or Material management is a core function of manufacturing, Construction, and other critical industries, where disruption in material flow or quality and control to ensure materials are available as required to meet the production schedules.   

Material management covers the functionality required to purchase goods and services, manage inventory and inspect incoming Materials.

What Documents are parts of material management in SAP?

  • Receipt Verification 
  • Buy order processing
  • Buy Order follow-up
  • Products Receiving and Inventory Management   
  • Seller selection and Comparison of  Quotations
  • Source  determination

What is the future of SAP Material Management?

SAP Material managenmt has really good future. The SAP Technology is day-by-day  growing in the market in subsequent next 30 Years in the Current state and still growing. Among the various modulus, it’s the functional modules Like MM, SD etc which are in great demand for bahikhata book for pc

Does SAP Material management  require Coding?

SAP Material management doesn’t require Coding, That means SAP MM Consultant, you are not supposed to learn coding. But in order to learn sap course list Material Management properly.   

SAP Material Management TCodes by Sub-Modules:

  1.   Material Management – MM(48)
  2. Purchasing -MM-PUR(1633)
  3. Inventory Management-MM-IM(671)
  4. External Services- MM- SRV(139)
  5. Invoice verification – MM-IV(261)
  6. Information system-MM-IS(136)
  7. Consumption-Based Planning- MM-CBP(6)

TOP 50 SAP TCodes In MM – Materials Management: 

Rank      Transaction code           Description                                 Functional Area

1              MIGO                       GOODS MOVEMENT                       MM-Inventory Management 

2            MIRO                         Enter Incoming Invoice                   MM-Invoice verification

3            ME21N                       Create Purchase order                     MM- Purchasing

4            ME22N                      Change purchase Order                   MM-Purchasing

5            MB1B                         Transfer Positioning                         MM-Inventory Management 

6            MB51                          Material Doc.List                              MM-Inventory Management 

7            ME23N                      Display Purchase order                    MM-Purchasing

8            MB1A                         Goods Withdrawal                            MM-Inventory Management

9           ME51N                       Create Purchase requisition            MM-Purchasing 

10         MB1C                          Other Goods Receipts                       MM-Inventory Management

11        MB5B                           Stocks for Posting Date                    MM-Inventory Management

12       MR21                           Price Change                                       MM-Invoice verification

13      ML81N                         Service Entry Change                         MM- External Services

14      MB52                           List of Warehouse stocks on Hand  MM-Inventory Management

15      ME21                            Create Purchase Order                      MM-Purchasing

16     MB01                            Post Goods Receipt for PO                MM-Inventory Management

 17    OMJJ                           Customizing: New Movement Types   MM-Inventory Management

18    ME2N                           Purchase order by PO Number            MM-Purchasing

19    MIR7                             Park Invoice                                           MM-Invoice Verification

20   ME52N                          Change Purchase Requisition             MM- Purchasing 

21   ME20                              SC Stock Monitoring(Vendor)            MM-Purchasing

22   MB31                             Goods Receipt for production Order  MM-Inventory Management

23  ME9F                             Message Output: Purchase Orders    MM-Purchasing

24  MRKO                          Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs     MM-Invoice Verification

25  ME11                            Create Purchasing Info Record              MM-Purchasing 

26  MBST                         Cancel Material Document                      MM-Inventory Management

27  MC.9                          INVCO: Material  Analysis Selection stock MM-Inventory Controlling

28  ME59N                     Automatic generation of POs                       MM-Purchasing

29  ME29N                    Release Purchase Order                               MM-Purchasing

30    MRBR                   Release Blocked Invoices                              MM-Invoice verification

31  MR8M                     Cancel Invoice Document                            MM-Invoice verification

32  MB21                      Create Reservation                                         MM-Inventory Management 

33  ME2L                     Purchase order By Vendor                            MM- Purchasing

34  ME22                    Change Purchase Order                                MM-Purchasing

35  ME28                    Release Purchase Order                               MM-Purchasing

36  ME59                    Automatic Generation of PO’S                   MM-Purchasing

37  ME2M                 Purchase Orders by Material                      MM-Purchasing

38  MEK1                 Create Conditions                                          MM- Purchasing

39  MB90                  Output  processing for Mat. Documents  MM-Inventory Management 

40 ME53N               Display Purchase Requisition                     MM-Purchasing 

41  M/06                 Condition type-Purchasing                          MM-Basic Functions

42 ME54N              Release Purchase Requisition                    MM-Purchasing

43  ME01                Maintain Source List                                  MM-Purchasing 

44  MIR4                Call MIRO- Change Status                        MM-Invoice verification

45  ME5A                Purchase Requisition: List Display        MM-Purchasing

46   MB5L               List of Stock Values: Balances                 MM-inventory Management

47  MRRL              Evaluated Receipt Settlement                  MM-Invoice verification

48  ME80FN       General Analyses(F)                                   MM-Purchasing

49  ME38            Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule     MM-Purchasing

50  MB5T           Stock in Transits                                           MM-Inventory Management

51  MN04           Create Message: PO                                      MM-Purchasing

52  MI01            Create Physical inventory Document        MM- Inventory Management

53  ME31k        Create Contract                                               MM-Purchasing

54  ME57          Assign and Process Requisitions                MM-Purchasing 

55  ME51         Create Purchase requition                            MM-Purchasing 

56  ME41         Create request for quotation                       MM- Purchasing

57  M/0           Conditions: Schema for Purchasing          MM-Basic Functions

58  MI07        Process list of Differences                            MM-Inventory Management 

59   OLME     IMG View: Purchasing                                 MM- Basic functions

60  ME12       Change Purchasing Info Record                MM- 

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