Lucky Wheel for wordpress site

Lucky Wheel

WordPress Lucky Wheel provides great results for getting email addresses from your WordPress site subscribers. Ask the subscriber to enter the shipping address to wordpress development services to enter the prize. This is a great way to collect material from subscribers who call your point, they will be happy to fill in their address.

Lucky Wheel Spin and Win are like a game that helps motivate you to buy. Lucky Wheel Spin and Win are consider a marketing strategies commonly used by store owners. 

Customers can not only buy products but also play the wheel of fortune game, which will be amazing if they win tickets or gifts. It really promises to improve. shopping experience and facilitating the customer’s return purchase.

Lucky Wheel, Lucky Wheel Spin, and Win WordPress plugins provide excellent results for driving customers from your WordPress site. 

WordPress Lucky Wheel Spin and Win attract customers by allowing subscribers to fill in their email addresses and sign up for your newsletter wordpress plugin development services to win prizes. This is a great way to get customers from subscribers, they will be happy to fill in their shipping address.

The gift will be transfer to the customer automatically. The delivery address will be store behind and can be automatically synce with some popular mail marketing platforms like MailChimp, Active crusade, Send grid, Klaviyo, Send in blue, Mail Poet, and Hub spot.

Lucky Wheel For Woo Commerce

Another easy-to-use plugin is Lucky Wheel for Woo Commerce. This plugin will ask your subscribers to enter their shipping address before they get a chance to spin the wordpress service provider wheel and win a prize. The prize that can be won with this lucky wheel plugin is a shortened bar that is automatically transfer to the winner’s message.

You can also arrange pieces of 6 circles that offer a free interpretation. But with a professional interpretation, you can add up to 20 wheel slices.

Additionally, this plugin lets you decide when you want the popup to appear, which web user you want to show, the exact position of the rudder popup, and the number of spins you can take.


Lucky wheel pop-up

Woo Commerce Lucky Wheel shows a Lucky Wheel popup when medicine visits your site. Let them subscribe to your email and play to win prizes.

6 slices Wheel Free to add, remove slices of the wheel, you can go to 6 slices for free interpretation.

Wheel markers Add custom markers for each wheel slide.

Win Probability selects the probability of winning per slide.

Wheel of Fortune Icon A small Wheel of Fortune icon that allows the caller to open a Wheel of Fortune popup.

The selected popup position, where the Wheel popup appears on the front panel, there are 6 positions, which will be wordpress web development services call Top Left, Top Right, Far Left, Bottom Right, Middle Left, and Middle Right.

The spin time determines how many times the delivery address can be use to spin the wheel.

Wheel of Fortune Icon A small Wheel of Fortune icon that allows the caller to open a Wheel of Fortune popup. Wheel Description Displays the wheel description. 

Hide the popup window. Hide the popup wheel in the UI, this option should be enable only if you give a name to the user auto-display in the Intent option.

Lucky wheel spin and win page

WordPress Lucky Wheel Spin and Win contain a shortcode that allows you to display the WordPress Lucky Wheel in any runner.

The shortcode will display the wheel of fortune. The lucky wheel displayed by the shortcode is similar to the WordPress Lucky Wheel Spin and the Win popup will be a custom wordpress development company the main one. You can use this shortcode to create a lucky draw where you let your guests sign up for the newsletter and spin the wheel to win a red ticket.

Shortcode Params, you can add parameters to the shortcode to change without changing WooCommerce Lucky Wheel settings. Find complete information about all parameters that can be added to a shortcode and explanations in this attestation.

Collect posts with wordpress lucky wheel spin and win

Signed emails will be stored in your database. You can export to get a CSV string with shipping addresses.

This Lucky Wheel Spin and Win WordPress plugin also helps you sync with some famous mail marketing platforms like MailChimp, Active crusade, Send grid, Klaviyo, Send in blue, Mail Poet, and Hub spot dispatch list using API keys.

Save Emails You can see the emails you subscribed to in the plugin backend with delivery address, subscription time, customer name, phone number, spin time, ticket, and wheel slip custom wordpress web design marker from the last spin.

The CSV file export selects a date range and imports the subscription deliveries for that period into a CSV file.

Report The report section allows you to view the volume of email subscriptions, spins, and tickets issued at a specific time.


We hope you like this blog. That’s all about the Lucky Wheel. If you looking for web design and development and want to create Lucky Wheel or a new website then contact 8therate.

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