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Ballers is not a spectacular series only because of the charisma of its protagonist , Dwayne Jhonson, in the role of Spencer Strasmore, or because of its fine and hilarious humor , but also because it tells something quite hidden until then: the after professional career of the athlete . In this case, it is even more remarkable: his performance in the labor market is that of a sports agent and coach , a very common destination for many.

This series, which perfectly mixes drama and comedy , started with a spectacular first season that set the bar too high, to the regret of its producers.

Broadcast on HBO and created by Stephen Levinson, its plot fuses two genres that rarely manage to understand each other, although the quality decreases as the seasons progress. League of Legends

‘The Rock’ seems to adapt to the role of his character, which he takes one step further by perfectly describing the dark side of fame and fortune . She’s as entertaining as she is unpredictable, and agent Strasmore’s portrayal of the professional lives of NFL football players is superficially spun through humor, yet also shows the heavy doses of reality that goes with it.

League of Legends Ballers

One of the great protagonists of this season is the video game League of Legends . During the final of the LCS, a small trailer was shown in which it was shown that, during the broadcast of the last season of the series, not only traditional sports would have a place.

With the excuse of finding a place in the competitive scene for professional MOBA players from Riot Games, the skepticism with which former agents receive this new wave of electronic athletes is also reported.

The main characters of this small subplot of the series are some retired brothers who had behavior problems in several important tournaments and who, after their expulsion, decide to separate and play only for leisure and on their own.

The scenarios and images of the game are the original ones , so the regular LoL fan will not find anything strange.

Although this is not the first appearance of an esports in a television series (as is the case of The Simpsons ), it is the largest caliber so far , since it covers an entire season and also does so by naming and surnames to everything that counts. Not to mention that who is behind all this is the giant HBO, one of the most important agents in the audiovisual sector.

The Rock Series

One of the strengths of the series is also the licenses, in this case from the NFL. The name of the league, the teams, the players… everything is in order, so the immersion in the atmosphere is pluperfect . And the introspection of how several retired players face their new life in search of who they are after leaving professional sports is also remarkable. In addition, it does so in a format and in a genre that is very adaptable to the viewer.

The series focuses on a problem that involves both players, fans and the entire aura that surrounds professional sports. Although at first it seemed that it would get to the bottom of the matter, in the development of this it does not finish starting. And it will not be because they do not warn it in the motto of the series: “Get rich, lie down and have fun” .

Despite this, it manages to find the perfect tone between entertaining and raising awareness, albeit slightly.

The rhythm of the series is constant, with its punctual loss of focus and with characters that feel real. The braggart and haughty character of La Roca undoubtedly stands out above the rest, a choir of characters without any standing out above the rest.

The end of the series is not justified by script issues or by HBO’s decision, but rather by the exorbitant salary of the protagonist and producer: $700,000 per episode , something striking for a production of that style.

Even so, Johnson has had good words on his Social Networks, in which he thanks the public for helping them turn his series “into the most watched HBO comedy in recent years and sustaining a platform for actors to have the opportunity to work hard and make a name.”

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