Kigurumi – The Latest Fashion Trend from Japan

Kigurumi – the wearing of full-body character costumes – is currently a major trend in Japan, a country renowned for its often bizarre street fashion, which covers a complicated set of dress codes and genres. Kigurumi (known colloquially as Kigu) is but one of these genres, but it comes in many forms and is undoubtedly the most popular, holding almost cult status among devotees. Click here  to get more details about the latest fashion trends. The website includes all the latest news, reviews, and fashion trends.

In their pure and original form, Kigurumi outfits are detailed representations of Japan’s multitude of animated characters – the avatars that inhabit the computer games, TV shows, and movies produced by what is termed (in Japanese) the ‘anime’ industry.

Many of these characters – such as the Pokemon character, Pikachu, the cat-like robot, Doraemon, and the mischievous alien, Stitch – are familiar around the world.

Kigurumi also draws inspiration from manga characters.  Manga is the collective term for Japan’s unique comics, which have been hugely popular for more than a century, giving rise to the country’s distinct style of animation.

In Japan, full-on anime and manga Kigurumi is serious business, with contests and conventions held for enthusiasts to show off their elaborate costumes. Kigurumi performers, known as ‘dollars’, also operate professionally on stage for promotional events, clad in outfits based on a skin-colored full bodysuit, topped with the clothing and accessories of the chosen character, and a full head mask.

Kigurumi has been adopted as a form of street fashion in Japan, and Japanese adolescents and young adults now dress up to go out in all-in-one pajama-like outfits that are available for purchase that reflect their favorite cute and cuddly heroes. Kigurumi onesies are typically crafted from warm and plush fabrics like fleece, and they have hoods rather than complete face masks. Kids, which represent adorable and lovable renditions of various animals, are another popular form of art. These street-style animal Kigus have now become a fashion fad that has grabbed on all over the world, particularly among partygoers in the United Kingdom, where they are known as “onesies.” Please visit this specialized website  if you require any further information.

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