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what is Kadence Clover Hawk

Kadence Clover Hawk is the daughter of Tony Hawk, a legendary skateboarder. Tony Hawk had three children before he organized Kadence, and he treasures his time with his daughter like a king or queen. The little girl has fair skin, blue eyes, and a surreal smile.


Kadence Clover Hawk is an American skateboarder and a daughter of Tony Hawk. Her father has made a name for himself as a professional skateboarder and is well-known for his stunts. He has over 6 million followers on Instagram. Unlike many other skateboarders, Kadence doesn’t have a personal account. But she does have many fans, including her dad.

Kadence Clover Hawk was born on June 30, 2008 in California. She currently resides in La Jolla, California. Her father is Tony Hawk, and her mother is Lhotse Merriam. The two were married in Fiji on January 12, 2006. She is a cancerian, with blue eyes and a fair complexion.

Tony Hawk’s other children include Spencer, Keegan, and Riley. His daughter is treated like a princess. She is often photographed with her father. She has met many famous people and attended numerous events. However, she doesn’t wear a helmet yet. Tony Hawk has also taken the time to share her pictures with his fans.

Tony Hawk’s daughter has inherited her father’s good looks and beautiful blue eyes. Kadence was born on June 30, 2008. Tony Hawk had three sons before welcoming his daughter. The youngest of these three children, Kadence has a beautiful smile and fair skin. Tony Hawk and Kadence are very close, and they are protective of their daughter.

In addition to being a great skateboarder, Hawk has also become an entrepreneur. Her first venture was a skateboard company called Birdhouse Skateboards. The company also produces apparel and wheels. Hawk is also a proud owner of the Hawk Apparel Company. In addition to skateboarding, Hawk also collaborates with Liquid Death Mountain Water to create limited edition skateboards. These skateboards were decorated with her blood and sold out within 20 minutes.


Entrepreneur Kadence Clover Hawk is an American skateboarder and entrepreneur. She has attracted massive audiences with her skateboarding. Her father is Tony Hawk, one of the most famous skateboarders in the world. Her father shares pictures of his daughter with his fans. He even posted a photo of his daughter riding a skateboard without a helmet!

Kadence is the daughter of Tony Hawk, an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. She is also an accomplished photographer and has starred in her father’s television series. The two share a special bond and have attended many events together. Kadence is also an accomplished photographer and has worked on various television shows, including the ESPN X-Games. Here are some interesting facts about Kadence and her entrepreneurial journey.

Kadence is the daughter of Tony Hawk and Lhotse Merriam Hawk. Her father is a professional skateboarder with a large following on Instagram. Kadence has a half brother named Keegan Hawk, who is an avid skateboarder and also owns a coffee shop. She was born at the age of eight pounds and eight ounces. She has an oval face and brown medium hair.

Tony Hawk shares his amazing moments with his daughter on his social media accounts. He also shares sweet comments with the pictures. These pictures of the father-daughter duo have gotten widespread attention. Hawk reportedly had a fear of falling while skating with his daughter, so he did not use a helmet. The two are close with friends and family, but Kadence has yet to fall off her skateboard.

Tony Hawk is an American skateboarder who has made over $140 million in his career. He is also an actor. He married Lhotse Merriam in 2006 and is a father of two children with his wife. Kadence Clover Hawk is the youngest of the two. Tony Hawk is also the father of three sons from prior relationships.

In addition to skateboarding, Hawk also owns several businesses. He started 900 Films in 1999. The company was originally founded to produce skateboarding videos. But now, the company also produces sports content for popular YouTube account, RIDE. Hawk has also invested in several companies, including Nest, which manufactures smart thermostats. These thermostats can optimize heating and cooling to save energy.

Owner of Birdhouse

Kadence Hawk is an American skateboarder. She is known for attracting huge audiences to her performances. Her half-brother, Keegan, is also a professional skateboarder and owns a steel mill coffee shop in Oceanside, California. Her mother is Lhotse Merriam and her father is Tony Hawk. Hawk has a 7.3 million Instagram following.

The skateboarder has a long history and a devoted following. Kadence’s mother, Lhotse Merriam Hawk, is famous for her appearance on the X-Games and ESPN’s International Winter Sport. The two share a special bond and share many pictures together.

Hawk is a world-class skateboarder and has won the National Skateboard Association’s World Championships twelve times. He discovered that there were many commercial opportunities in the sport, and he and his partner started Birdhouse Skateboards in 1992. Hawk’s company manufactures skateboard decks, wheels, T-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories. The company’s products are affordable, even for low-income families.

Tony Hawk’s daughter, Kadence, is a talented skateboarder. She is also an accomplished photographer. She has been featured on ESPN and in a variety of media, including her own television series. Kadence’s parents are very protective of their daughter, and the couple is proud of her.

Kadence Clover Hawk doesn’t have a social media account, but she has a massive fan following thanks to her father’s endorsements. Her father has over six million Instagram followers. Her net worth is low, but her parents’ earnings are significant enough to help her. Her mother earns a good living by working for various companies.

Kadence Clover Hawk was born in August 2008. Her parents were separated at a young age. They separated in 2011. Their daughter was born a year before their sons. The two share blond hair and a good smile. They are also very close. Their daughter is a big fan of skateboarding.

Kadence Clover Hawk is the daughter of Anthony Hawk, a professional skateboarder. Hawk is also the owner of a skateboard company, Birdhouse. Hawk is also involved in humanitarian efforts and has started the Tony Hawk Foundation, which builds skateparks in underdeveloped areas.

Daughter of Tony Hawk

Kadence Clover Hawk is the daughter and stand-in of Tony Hawk, the famous skateboarder. Hawk is an actor, producer, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard brand Birdman. She shares her father’s good looks and mother’s blond hair. She also has blue eyes.

Tony Hawk has been in the skateboarding industry for thirty years. His daughter has a mother named Merriam Lhotse Hawk. She was born on June 30, 2008, and is an Ameican citizen. She has three siblings – Riley, Spencer, and Keegan, who are half-siblings. She has two step-brothers and a half-sister.

Kadence Clover Hawk is a talented skateboarder and a very hardworking person. Fans are looking forward to her carrying on her father’s legacy. Tony Hawk is a loving father who values his children’s interests and talents. Kadence Clover Hawk is a bright young woman who will do well in life.

Tony Hawk married Lhotse Merriam in 2006. Their marriage lasted for nine years. They later divorced. Their daughter was born in 2008. Their daughter is named Kadence Clover Hawk. Tony Hawk was married to four different women in total, and two of them have divorced.

Tony Hawk is a very successful skateboarder. He has taught his children how to skateboard. He has even taught his children how to do some of his tricks. His daughter Kadence has refined her skating skills. She is a fan favorite of Tony Hawk.

Kadence Clover Hawk is the daughter and stand-in of Tony Hawk. She is eight pounds and 21 inches long. She has fair skin and medium brown hair. Her dark, attractive eyes are also a feature of her appearance. Moreover, her smile is warm and appealing.

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