Importance of competitor research function as business innovation

Often a business actor runs his business based on what he likes, but not necessarily what the customer is interested in. For business actors who are just starting or trying to develop additional business lines, the existence of competitor research can be used as a medium to map what customers are actually interested in from similar products or services.

When conducting competitor research, inevitably we will note the patterns shown by our business competitors in facing a challenge or problem. For example, what do competitors usually do when their sales figures drop? Did they choose to change their marketing strategy or did they completely stop the production process?

These patterns can actually be studied further to find out the considerations of each business decision taken, then analyzed to determine the best practice that can be done in each situation. This practice is important because when we are in the same line of business, it is not impossible that in the future we will encounter similar problems.

Of course, this practice can save time and effort because we don’t have to do market and product research at the same time, but can see the marketing style as well as the products and services offered by competitors and demanded by customers. The remaining time, energy, and costs can also be focused on other things that also need attention from business operations, for example.

There are many business innovations that can be found by processing competitor research results, and these innovations can be maximized to drive sales figures. Therefore, don’t hesitate to do competitor research just because it feels too cumbersome and too complex, because if done properly, the research can produce satisfying results as well.

Now, after knowing the function of competitor research, we can try to compile the best research according to the goals to be achieved and manage the business appropriately. Don’t worry, any business actor can take advantage of the application to manage their business very easily through the various excellent features it has.

Try to follow up on the results of competitor research found, what are the values ​​that are superior or sold by competitors? Does the product to be marketed also have these values? Can we innovate to bring out other advantages that are not owned by competitors?


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