How to Use Instagram for your Business

Not only will you have more quality shots to take, but your guests will be more likely to take photos and share them if your food business has attractive dishes and interesting decor. Consider upping your plate presentation, or install some new decor, like plant walls, flowers on the tables, or twinkle lights. Charming decor will create an intriguing backdrop and vibe that guests will want to capture. They will likely tag your business in the photo, especially if they can easily find your Instagram handle.

And this leads to other organic users seeing it and increased followers for your Instagram account. They are used on almost all major social media platforms, and are a great way to determine trending topics and the latest information. Need more tips on how to grow your brand’s Instagram account and get new followers? For instance, you can work with relevant influencers in your field to create buzz on social media. Geo-tagging lets users know about the location from where you are posting a particular photo.

These four Instagram marketing ideas offer a simple and effective way to strengthen your brand image. Read more about here. That said, it can take some time for results to come in if you’re starting from scratch. That’s because no one knows who you are yet, which makes it hard to get initial traction.

This video supports Casper’s campaign to stay in bed with a very real look at what millions of people do when they’re hanging out at home. For example, you might write, “Double-tap if you find this funny,” or “share your story in the comments.” When developing a voice, you should keep the platform and your audience in mind. Create a system where you can curate photos and content from members of your team.

Review analytics statistics to learn more about your market and how to reach it. Make sure you optimize your website and other online content using SEO. To craft a winning elevator pitch, start with a hook your lead can’t ignore, let your enthusiasm shine through, and have the data ready to back up your claims. Build a website, whether a simple landing page or a multi-functional online experience. Get the latest art news & tips delivered once a week, straight to your inbox.

In some cases, they’ll follow you back and promote your business as well. And just as crucial, their followers are likely to take notice of your profile. If you’re looking to gain a huge following on Instagram, consider sharing other brands’ content on your account. These can be 10 minutes, or up to an hour for accounts with more followers. You can search directly in the Instagram search bar to find trending hashtags and scope out content that others are posting.

Google has a variety of free resources all businesses should be taking advantage of, including Analytics, Search Console, and My Business. Google My Business is the business listing you see when you search for businesses on Google or Google Maps. It’s where information like hours, address, and phone number is stored in Google.

Your followers aren’t just interested in your food, they also want to know how the restaurant became popular, what the origin is, and where you aspire to go in the future. Whatever niche you’re in, there are potential customers waiting for you at the click of a button…. Further, the strategies involve simplifying the buying process, using Instagram to generate leads, using paid ads and using LinkedIn for brand awareness. Group owners can post various kinds of media such as images and videos, and instant notifications allow real-time conversations to take place much easier than before. Most importantly, your bio must have a value-added proposition if an audience clicks on your link.

You can learn more about that process on Instagram’s Help Center. This post won’t appeal to the majority of Starbucks followers who aren’t teachers, but that’s OK. Make sure you include a link to your Instagram on every single platform. Secondly, it means you’ll be seeing their recent posts in your feed, so you can Like and interact with them if you choose to.

There are several marketing strategies for Instagram that work even if you’re starting from scratch. Here are some of the proven methods you can implement right now to grow your Instagram presence. If you’re just starting out, IGTV may not necessarily suit your needs or goals.

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