How to Tailor Your Content for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

The stats don’t lie; video views on Twitter have grown 220x what they were 12 months ago. By being responsive on Twitter, you add a level of transparency to your business’ brand. You need a piece of information that you can’t find on a business’ website and don’t really want to call them.

Twitter isn’t as boss of an employee advocacy platform as LinkedIn, where employees are mutually incentivized to build their personal brand and stay active. The number of employees who use Twitter for professional purposes is even less. Twitter is also a great place to promote your content collaborations. You might want to collaborate with a non-competitive company in your industry just so you can make use of their Twitter following. You can interview several experts in one blog post to create a roundup. Particularly in B2B, one of the best things you can do is interview experts and influencers in your content, then mention them in your tweets that promote your content.

According to Twitter, influencers created a 5.2x increase in purchase intent when users were exposed to brand and influencer tweets compared to 2.7x when just shown brand tweets. You’re more likely to get people to retweet or click on your tweets if you tell them to do it. In fact, research shows that just including “please retweet” in your Twitter content can increase retweets by 4x.

When it comes to business, you always want to get more bang for your buck. If you’re going to invest time and energy into something, you’ll want to see a return on that investment. Twitter states that its platform drives a 40% greater ROI than the other social channels available today. Even though Twitter has been around for quite some time, it continues to see growth in its user base. Not only that but there are tons of tweets being posted on a daily basis, ensuring there’s always something interesting being shared. Whether the topic is “starting a writer career on the side” or “experimenting with SaaS pricing,” these questions will always result in at least a few writing prompts for potential articles, threads, or videos.

Twitter is always looking to innovate and launch new product features. One of their most impactful tools is First View, which shows your Twitter video ad to audiences when they first log in and begin their browsing session. For brands, this could mean publishing timely, accurate news stories to compete and align with how the Twitter audience uses the platform.

Below is a visual spectrum that offers 20 ideas for using twitter in a 21st-century classroom. Many of these may not directly ‘fit’ your grade level or content area and might function better as a kind of brainstorming to get your own thinking started. In addition to grabbing reader attention, this simple addition will also go a long way toward boosting your post’s engagement and helping it make its way around the web more efficiently. The best bet to be engaging in this type of climate is to speak directly to your target audience. When your Tweets are highly customized and personalized, they’ll have an easier time capturing your readers’ attention and will survive Twitter’s inherently short content lifespan a bit more effectively. And that is brilliant ’cause that’s what I always struggled with was like, “OK, I’ve written one piece of content, I send out one tweet.” And then a whole year goes by, and I never mentioned it again.

Read more about buy twitter followers here. I always make sure my feed has scheduled some really good Twitter articles I come across, and now that I’m putting out so much content these days, I’m making sure there’s plenty of that in there, as well. And I know that’s something you’re always on about on Twitter is about the conversation.”OK. My weekly #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat on all things Twitter marketing featuring a different social media marketing expert each Thursday at 1 pm ET. Focus more on finding quality conversations more than curating a lot of people’s tweets. Create private personal development Twitter lists so you can quickly search and find topics to help you grow professionally. Create a Twitter list of your competitors so you can search topics and conversations involving your industry.

If you’re like me and you’re just getting in the habit of tweeting consistently every day, start small and aim to tweet 3-5 times per day, and work your way up from there. Founded in 2011, Founders Network offers lifelong peer mentorship to over 600 tech startup founders globally. Our platform, programs and high-touch service facilitate authentic experience sharing, warm introductions and long-term professional relationships. Additional benefits include over $1M in startup discounts and mentorship from 50+ Institutional Investors.

Twitter Business’ postwith eight valuable tips on creating engaging and eye-catching visual content that also coincides with your brand’s content marketing strategy. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter prioritizes quantity above quality and can handle large numbers of tweets without disturbing users. The more you tweet, the more likely it is that one of your Tweets will get traction. The sweet spot for tweet counts that creates the maximum engagement is between three and seven tweets per day.

Facebook, with more than two billion users worldwide, is the most powerful and influential of the social networks. It is a great way to connect with family, friends and friends of friends. It remains mainly a personal network for most people, but it is useful for business and professional outreach as well.

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