How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile

Next to your profile picture, click on your follower count. If you want to remove a follower, click on the button next to their name that says Remove. After taking over a friend’s account, scammers will send you malicious DMs that talk about a “gift” or “giveaway”.

Feedback and reviews are opportunities for a brand to listen and respond. A fast social media response time should be part of a company’s social customer strategy. It helps build trust with new customers and retain current ones. Businesses with physical locations need to make sure their location tags are accurate. After all, you don’t want to have someone tag your address only to find out a different business shows up for it. One tactic that a lot of people have found is that when they remove the link in their bio, log out, then log back in… this instantly fixes their account.

My last resort was to run an ad with the hopes that ad support would reach out to me but it’s been a week now and I don’t see the live chat option anywhere. Here you can see if all your details are updated and four different security steps are included under the feature. The platform suggests users go with a new and stronger password, update and check their email as well as their phone number linked with the service, and enable two-factor authentication. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. Instagram head Adam Mosseri on Wednesday’s ‘Hidden Gems’ episode talked about the platform’s security feature, dubbed ‘Security Checkup’ which helps offer more security to a user’s account.

Instagram makes it easier to chat with friends and family by showing when they are available to chat. Instagram activity status feature shows people that you have directly messaged when last you were online and if you are currently active on Instagram. The activity status is shown to other users with a green dot when you are online. It is also highly recommended to log out from any device that is not yours. For example, when you log in on a friend’s phone, you must ensure to log out, this helps to keep your account safe.

The video will be saved to IGTV permanently until you decide to remove it. TheSupport Small Businesssticker helps businesses stay connected to the people they serve and at the same time, reach new customers. We created acomplete Facebook Shops guidewith all the details about the Shop feature, so you can start using it today. Users will see the IGTV ads when they watch the IGTV videos from previews within their Instagram feeds. With the new Commerce Eligibility Requirements, more types of businesses can now access Instagram Shopping. Then, tap on an Instagram post you want to manage and view the comments section.

Not too sure if it is available in all countries or if it is just turned on and off throughout the day. Also have an ad account that I am paying for and commerce manager support has been the worst. Where is the payment support email to say the chat isn’t available? My ad ended 3 days ago and still no live chat option so I wanted to see if I could send an email to the payment support as you did. I came by this post because my personal IG account was disabled for no reason.

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