How to Secure a Personal Loan of 10 Lakhs Within Minutes?

When there is an emergency, you need an instant Personal Loan. However, the lending source that most of us know has several limitations. For example – you may be visiting a destination and face an emergency, but the nearby branch of the traditional lender may not entertain you.

Traditional lenders operate at fixed locations and serve the people residing nearby. Therefore, such lenders might not offer loan facilities all around India unless it has branches everywhere. 

New-age NBFCs like Clix Capital can help you as they operate online. They allow you to apply for Personal Loans from anywhere in India. Instead of an offline application, the loan application is submitted digitally through their website, so anyone from anywhere can apply for a Personal Loan easily.

After visiting the website, you have to enter a few details. For a 10 lakhs Personal Loan, some documents are required along with the digital loan application. The loan documents are uploaded in digital format along with the loan application. With minimal documentation and quick approval, you can get a hassle-free Personal Loan. 

Also, instant personal loan approvals are possible only with an online lender. Traditional lenders require the applicants to visit physically and wait days for loan processing. All these intermediate processes can be skipped with the help of online lenders, and funds are disbursed quickly.

Eligibility criteria for an instant Personal Loan in India

For a 10 lakhs Personal Loan online, the eligibility conditions are as follows:

  • People aged between 21 and 58 can apply for an online Personal Loan anywhere in India.
  • For securing an online Personal Loan, the borrower should have a monthly salary of INR 20,000 or more.
  • For salaried loan applicants, the working experience should be at least a year.
  • Borrowers should be employed in the current company for at least six months to secure an online Personal Loan.
  • A good credit score is required to get an instant Personal Loan in any city in India.

Benefits of acquiring a ten lakhs Personal Loan online

Be it one lakh or 10 lakhs, the loan amount is decided based on the applicant’s credit score and loan history. If the borrower has a poor credit score, they might not get a 10 lakhs Personal Loan. The loan amount will be reduced for people who haven’t made loan payments timely in the past. Some benefits of acquiring an instant Personal Loan online are as follows:

  • You can use the Personal Loan amount in whatever way you want. For example, the instant Personal Loan amount can be used for paying utility bills, making a big-ticket purchase, clearing debts, or other things.
  • You can choose your repayment tenure while applying for an instant Personal Loan.
  • The Personal Loan is processed quickly with minimal documentation and no physical visits.


A 10 lakhs Personal Loan can be secured online easily. By having a minimum Experian credit score of 630, your Personal Loan requests will be approved. So, there is no need to indulge in a lengthy documentation process for securing a Personal Loan. Just apply for an instant Personal Loan online with Clix Capital right away!

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