How to promote a page of a fitness coach on Instagram in 2022

So, in that case, if you’re not sure who your ideal audience is you’ll find success in analyzing your competitors’ audience. Next, use social media polls to ask your audience what are their main challenges & pain points, and what’s stopping them from achieving their goals? These challenges will help you decide on a product/solution you can offer that’s tailored to their needs.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to use Instagram Reels, you’ll want to read this section first. If you’re confident with the basics, you can scroll down to the section on how to use Instagram Reels for your fitness account. This former Men’s Health Top Trainer contender runs Anatomy Fitness in Miami and also oversees Project Dadbod, an initiative to help regular Joes get in shape on a time crunch. His workouts will push you in the gym but always respect your time. Widerstrom once replaced Jillian Michaels as a lead trainer on The Biggest Loser, and she’s since rocketed to stardom.

At $300 to $450 a day and only three hours of work, it’s not a bad partnership. We’d love to tell you that once you reach a certain level of fitness influencer that sponsorship and advertising opportunities will just fall out of the sky. Instead, prioritize engaging with your audience above all else, building that back-and-forth conversation with them. Great content leads to high engagement, and high engagement leads to organic following growth. Yes, the size of your following can lead to higher pay for sponsored posts.

During the event, he held an intensive workshop sharing the very tips he used with Jordan. It has been proved that videos engage people more, especially when it comes to fitness. Do not forget to add a clear call to action in the caption. You can ask them to click the link in bio, give giveaway instructions, or simply ask them to leave comments. Instagram Story highlights are used as a showcase for all Instagram business accounts.

She also features exercises for cyclists, yogis, and travelers. If you love weight-lifting, give a follow to Malaysian fitness model and coach Nana Al Haleeq. If weights are a little too intimidating, you can also find beginner workouts on her page that are easily executed at home or with a partner. Read more about buy followers instagram here. Jen Selter (@jenselter) is an American fitness model who started her Instagram career when she was only 15 and now has a followers base of 12.4 million.

The opportunities for health and wellness brands on Instagram are endless. If you’re selling a multi-use product, let everyone know about it. Golde is a superfood supplement brand – a section of the health and wellness industry that is booming at the moment. They make blends for matcha, mushrooms, collagen, and more. To lift the full potential of the health, fitness, and sports segment in China with your international brand, collaborating with KOL, KOC, and Wanghong is a smart move.

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