How to Identify Your Instagram Target Audience and Create Customers

Share IG-approved visuals with your team using our Asset Library, or test out our grid preview feature to make sure every aspect of your presence is true to your brand style. These tips for an Instagram engagement boost are just a couple of areas in which you can improve your performance, but there are plenty of other things you have to keep in mind. Every interaction is essential to increase Instagram engagement. Add a more extended caption to your pictures or reels, and when your audience discovers a sense of familiarity, that’s when the magic begins. Moreover, it also offers brands the chance of reducing their marketing costs.

Ask questions isn’t a new social media tactic but it’s one that continues to work. It’s an easy engagement prompt and provided you keep the questions simple enough, you’re almost always likely to get responses. Using the same set of hashtags on every one of your posts is lazy. You risk becoming invisible as the algorithm starts to think you’re spamming the system with the same set of hashtags each time.

These days video content has gained massive popularity on all important social networks. What must be kept in mind when creating a branded hashtag for Instagram is that it should be short, catchy, and easy to remember. As Instagram hashtags are still of great interest for digital marketers, a proper article on how to increase Instagram engagement would not be complete without a mention of them. This is happening because Instagram carousels are the post type that best conveys storytelling, which has become essential for marketing endeavours these days.

Read more about buy real instagram followers here. Product Overview Learn how we can help you deliver an exceptional event experience. Looking back at SproutSocial’s data, it’s clear that Wednesday is the best day out of the whole week to post. Using professional cameras and editing software is perfect if you have the time and money, but your smartphone will do fine. Ultimately, you need to make memorable, striking content that aligns with your brand voice, as we mentioned earlier.

The sweet spot tends to be around four to seven Reels per week, which comes out to up to one Reel per day. Close out the work week on Fridays by posting at 5am, 1pm or 3pm. Posting at different times of the day and looking at the stats. Try Kicksta today and create those relationships and opportunities for your brand. We compared the performance of our Instagram posts and categorized them by publishing date.

Sprout Social deduced Wednesday at 11 am and Friday from 10 am–11 am as the preferred time slots. Fortunately, SocialPilot’s Instagram analytics feature helps you figure all of that under one dashboard. Follow general design principles in terms of colors and visual content. Find out how to boost your Instagram reach in 2022 with legal promotion and account management methods.

Hone your hashtag skills with our ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags. Similarly, on posts, directly asking questions or encouraging commentary with the caption is a surefire way to get the conversation going. Here’s our guide to how to schedule Instagram posts, and another on how to schedule Instagram Stories. Webinars Interactive sessions with the brightest minds in social.

However, keep such images in the minority; posting a lot about yourself on social media is just like being the person at BBQ who only talks about themselves. Since Instagram is the most popular social media platform among American users, brands can not afford to not be on Instagram. However, creating an Instagram profile for your brand and setting it aside is not enough. Your presence on the platform should serve a purpose and provide a measure of commercial value. One method that’s been very effective to narrow down on your Instagram target audience, is building buyer personas.

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