How to get OSAGO on a motorcycle

How to get OSAGO on a motorcycle

Motorcycles have always been preferred by freedom-loving and progressive people. But if earlier motorists and motorcyclists were in warring clans, today the owners of a driver’s license open several categories at once. Living in a metropolis forces you to value your time and think about increasing your own mobility. Therefore, more and more motorcycles can be found on Ukrainian roads.

Do you need a car for a motorcycle

Of course, the variety of iron horses is impressive: from modest scooters to space sports bikes and respectable choppers, but they have one thing in common – the need to buy an OSAGO policy. No matter how rebellious a motorcyclist is at heart, he is responsible to buy an auto citizen for a motorcycle. This applies to even modest mopeds with a volume of up to 50 “cubes” and a power of up to 4 kW. That’s what the law says. So all drivers of category “A1” should buy OSAGO on a moped, scor ooter.

It is also worth buying an auto citizenship for a motorcycle online from a reliable insurance company because inexperienced but impatient motorcyclists often try to maneuver between the rows of cars at traffic lights or in a traffic jam and sometimes they can hit the mirror or fender of the car. If a motorist “catch up” with you, then there will already be a question about the reliability of his OSAGO policy.

Motorcyclists love speed and it is important for them to know that you can quickly buy CMTPL for a motorcycle online from any mobile device with Internet access. The calculator will allow you to find out the cost of motorcycle insurance from dozens of insurance companies in a couple of minutes. You can order the delivery of the OSAGO policy and choose any convenient way to pay for the insurance. When you are going to buy OSAGO for a motorcycle online, think about a clear advantage – a motor vehicle citizen for a motorcycle or moped can be issued not for the whole year, but only for half a year, because in winter you do not operate your vehicle. At, you can also calculate the cost of OSAGO for a motorcycle for 6 months online and buy a policy at the best offer. 

And of course, you can also calculate and purchase auto insurance for motorcycles / mopeds / scooters in: Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and

More about DS Auto pledge

DS Auto in pledge is a voluntary insurance of a motor vehicle that is the subject of a pledge against the risks of loss (destruction) or damage as a result of insured events.

What is a policy for?

The policy provides insurance protection against damage, destruction o,r loss of the car as a result of an accident, theft, theft, illegal actions of third parties, natural disasters, an act of terrorism a,nd other unforeseen events. Cars, trucks, buses, special equipment, and agricultural machinery are accepted for insurance.

The policy does not apply to legal entities and individuals who carry out the transportation of passengers (car parks, taxi companies, licensed transportation, etc.).

Motorcycle insurance: do you need it or not?

Motorcycles, mopeds,s, and scooters are the same road users as cars. In this regard, according to the law of Ukraine, motorcycle insurance is mandatory, at least insofar as it concerns insurance of civil liability to other road users (auto citizens).
Such vehicles can cause considerable harm to other motorcyclists, as well as car owners, pedestrians, their property, and their health. Therefore, motorcycle insurance is mandatory for their owners.
A completed OSAGO contract for a motor scooter or motorcycle provides the policyholder with:

  • up to UAH 130,000 – to compensate for property damage to other participants in the accident;
  • up to UAH 260,000 – to compensate for the harm caused to the health and life of the victims.

Compared to such amounts, the cost of an OSAGO policy (Motor Citizenship Agreement) is so insignificant that it is not worth evading the obligation to take out motorcycle insurance.

Where to buy motorcycle insurance?
As well as car insurance, this policy is mandatory. If you buy a new motorcycle from the salon, then you can use the services of any insurance company, whose representatives are probably there. Without a document, the owner of a new vehicle can be fined immediately upon leaving the salon – although quite rare, this happens. In order to even theoretically prevent such a situation, you can issue a policy for a minimum period of 15 days, and during this time find an insurance company whose conditions will fully satisfy you.
You don’t need a lot of paperwork to apply for a policy. It is enough to have:

  1. civil passport (ID card);
  2. TIN;
  3. technical passport for the motorcycle.

Many companies, including ORANA, offer a service such as online motorcycle insurance. It is very convenient and does not take much time. You can make online insurance in the electronic form right in the salon.

How much does an OSAGO policy for a motorcycle cost?
The exact amount that will have to be paid to the owner of a two-wheeled vehicle cannot be immediately named – for this you need to calculate it. You can do it yourself – on the websites of most insurance companies there is an online calculator. By entering the required data, you will receive an accurate answer about the cost of the policy.
The price of motorcycle insurance is made up of the following factors:

  • characteristics of the vehicle – its category and engine size;
  • the driving experience of the owner;
  • the region in which the owner of the vehicle is registered (info from the registration certificate about the address of the owner of the vehicle).

It is the last indicator that has the most influence on the price because the quality of roads and traffic in rural areas and in big cities differ significantly. Such differences are taken into account using a coefficient that is applied in the calculation.
When taking out insurance, it is important to remember that the MTPL policy for a motorcycle covers only the liability of the owner to third parties in the event of an accident. Such insurance is useless in case of theft, damage, animal attacks, and in other cases. If you want to protect the “iron horse” from any problems, you will have to additionally draw up a voluntary CASCO policy, indicating any risks you wish.

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