How To Fix Vinyl Coming Off Shirt

Have you ever had trouble with your heat transfer vinyl (HTV) peeling off your t-shirt? Does this happen every time you use the heating element, whether it’s an iron or a heat press? It can be disappointing when it starts to peel away from your garment, but we can help! It’s not uncommon for the adhesive side to lose its adhesiveness after applying so let’s not go there. But instead, I’ll tell you what causes the issue and how specifically you can fix this problem by learning more about HTV on a whole.

How To Fix Vinyl Coming Off Shirt

There are many great options available to those looking for vinyl letter removal solutions. You might have heard of the name brand Winsor & Newton and that’s understandable, they are a great company. But there are other products as well that you may want to look into when it comes down to selecting the best vinyl letter removal solvent to use on your project.

We will discuss here how we can fix vinyl coming off shirts.

Using Warm Peel

Removing the liner first allows artists to make sure they have completely prepared their environment. Using a stencil, artists can transfer the image or text onto their object of choice by making sure that the adhesive that’s on one side is stuck to their chosen surface. Allowing it to cool entirely should be safe, but if using a warm peel, it’s vital to remember that the vinyl must be removed from the press before peeling as soon as it has cooled enough so as not to hurt anybody.

Peeling a Cold Fruit

You’ll have to wait until the item is cold to peel off the liner this time. If you don’t, there’s a greater chance that your set won’t stick properly or something may be damaged in case of a demanding project. Usually you will apply a transfer tape with your purchase but not for cold peel vinyls. Here is guide how to stagger vinyl plank flooring


A heat-transfer vinyl will work correctly only if the recommended temperature and time are precisely followed. In order to ensure these, I highly recommend using a heat press machine. Using this method, you can set the temperature and time in advance so that you no longer have to worry about making mistakes when it comes to setting the correct temperature or time for applying your HTV.

Heat Press

An important benefit of using a heat press is the application of correct pressure. In order to get this right, it must be applied consistently throughout the production process.


Is it possible to repress vinyl after it has been washed?

Do not wash your vinyl for at least 24 hours after it has been applied. If you repress your HTV with significantly more force than the first time you pressed it, your press will leave permanent impressions in your design that are hard to remove and simply a waste of time and product.

What’s the best way to keep a vinyl shirt on after it’s been washed?

Bleach and fabric softeners should also be avoided if you want your screen printed t-shirts to last as long as possible. You may try sticking them in the machine with a few dryer sheets to keep static at an absolute minimum. Otherwise, hang dry on a low setting or tumble dry on a low or tumble setting. We do not recommend drying your t-shirt shirts on high heat; like you wouldn’t want to wash them, you wouldn’t want to dry them that way either. If tumble drying is necessary, we do not recommend drying t-shirt designs outdoors because of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Source

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