How To Find The Best Mattress For Vacation Rental?

Even if it’s not always simple, shopping for oneself usually involves following a clear route dictated by your unique wants and preferences. The difficulty for folks who require a mattress for their vacation rental home is that buying for others and anticipating their wants and preferences can be significantly more challenging.

It might be difficult to pick the ideal mattress for Airbnb listings and vacation rentals. How can Airbnb hosts choose which mattress would create the greatest bed when so many different types of mattresses are available and so many other preferences for elements like firmness and contouring? 

This post will discuss different mattress kinds, things to think about, mattress maintenance advice, and suggestions for the best mattress for vacation rental.

Which Mattress Types Work Best for Vacation Rentals?

There are other mattress varieties, but this post will focus on the four most appropriate for vacation homes and Airbnb properties.

Memory Foam

The comfort of memory foam mattresses, which mould to the body and relieve strain on the spine while dispersing body weight uniformly, contributes to their appeal. It is also dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people prone to allergies. When looking for the finest mattress for rentals, memory foam mattresses are fantastic since they are low maintenance and frequently come with long-term guarantees that may last up to 25 years.


These are typical mattresses, sometimes referred to as traditional mattresses. They have a cushioned top and support structure composed of metal wire and springs for further stability. Many people who have trouble moving on memory foam mattresses believe innerspring mattresses are superior.


Regarding the best mattress for Airbnb, hybrid mattresses are an excellent option since they mix features of innerspring and memory foam mattresses. This kind of mattress gives the backs and joints of sleepers good support. Hybrid mattresses are an excellent option for both back, stomach, and side sleepers because they strike the perfect mix between softness and hardness.


Latex is the final mattress type to take into account for holiday rentals. The natural material latex offers the best level of comfort. It encourages pain alleviation and natural spine alignment. In addition to being free of allergens, latex mattresses naturally resist mould and dust mites. They have excellent airflow and often last longer than the majority of other kinds of mattresses. 

How We Selected The Best Beds For Vacation Rentals

  • We concentrated on beds with medium-firm firmness levels while selecting the Best Mattresses for Vacation Rentals. A vacation rental has to be able to accommodate a wide range of sleepers, and this balanced feel makes it possible.
  • When compiling this list, affordability was a major consideration, but only in conjunction with toughness; we sought less expensive mattresses than those you may find in your home while being just as durable. Because many couples choose holiday rentals, we also paid particular attention to motion transmission.
  • Last, we selected mattresses with exceptional cooling capabilities, a crucial component of any guest room. Nine featured beds received ratings of at least 4/5 for cooling, while one received an above-average 3.5/5.

Best Mattresses for Vacation Rentals

Aspen Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The Vacation Sleep Aspen Luxury Hybrid Mattress was created for the main bedroom. The Aspen Luxury Hybrid Mattress has a medium-plush comfort profile and is 14″ thick.

This full hybrid mattress combines natural charcoal’s pressure-relieving, healing, and cooling qualities with the responsiveness, comfort, and long-lasting support of conventional materials like premium springs.

Magnolia Memory Foam Mattress

Truly luxurious, the Magnolia Memory Form Mattress. This charcoal memory foam mattress is the finest deal we have to offer and is appropriate for any bedroom in the house since it is innovative and pure.

Our 11-inch-thick, handmade Magnolia Memory Foam Mattress has 3 inches of charcoal memory foam created to support therapeutic recuperation and offer restful sleep.

Driftwood Memory Foam Mattress

A high-quality mattress with a hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating infusion created for universal comfort.

  • The 8-inch profile is ideal for children’s, adolescent, and visitor bedrooms.
  • Soft memory foam provides comfort and support.

Factors to Take into Account When Selecting the Best Bed for Airbnb

What factors should hosts consider when picking the ideal mattress for their rental homes? Find out by reading on!

  • Price is a consideration for purchasing products for rental property. Establishing a reasonable budget before determining the possibilities that fall within that range is good. However, picking the cheapest mattress out there is not advised.
  • When choosing the finest mattress for holiday rentals, size is crucial. Hosts should always take measurements to establish which size bed (twin, full, queen, or king) will fit in their room the most comfortably.
  • When it comes to stiffness, preferences might differ greatly. As a general guideline, hosts of Airbnb vacation rentals should choose mattresses that are neither too soft nor too hard. The finest mattress for Airbnb vacation homes should strive for a happy medium that will satisfy most visitors.
  • For vacation homes where couples will be sleeping, motion isolation is crucial. Good motion isolation will stop the other person from moving around in the bed when one person moves throughout the night.
  • Simply said, edge support is the amount of resistance and support a mattress offers at its edges. A bed with inadequate edge support will droop, and sleepers will gravitate toward the advantage.
  • The best mattress for vacation rental must strongly focus on mattress durability. The bed must be strong and long-lasting while maintaining its original quality because it will be used frequently by various people.
  • The last consideration when picking the finest mattress for Airbnb holiday rentals is the warranty. It’s advisable to get a bed with a long-term contract because most mattresses have some form of proof. This way, hosts may get their money returned or obtain a replacement if something goes wrong with their mattress purchase.

With the greatest mattresses, visitors to your Airbnb or vacation rental will feel rested and want to stay longer. All the mentioned mattresses are effective and remain on our top selection. It has several excellent ratings, is offered in various sizes, works with multiple platforms, and is reasonably priced.  

Give your visitors the finest sleep of their lives by ordering one now. 

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