How to Draw a Soldier

How to Draw a Soldier. There are many other armies on earth, and these troops are full of men and women who fight and give their energies to their country. Different armies use different uniforms, technologies, and weapons in their efforts. We have all seen soldiers around us in society, in movies and on television, or even in our families. Many individuals want to show their help to soldiers in the army by learning how to draw a soldier.

This guide you are about to follow will show you just how easy it can be! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Soldier

Step 1:

For this phase of our tutorial on how to draw a soldier, we start with the head and shoulders of the soldier. For the head, you will wear a helmet with a night vision helmet on top of the helmet. Then you can use lines under the face for the soldier’s scarf. Finally, you can draw the soldier’s shoulders and arms with a few curved lines. Once satisfied with how it examines, you’re qualified for stage 2!

Step 2:

We will add the chest and some of the equipment in this step of drawing your soldier. You can use lines that come down between the shoulders. In this step, you can add equipment such as bags and other items to your uniform. A rectangle body in the middle of his crate will function as his armor, and you can also add the other minor details you see in the reference image.

Step 3:

Now that you’ve completed the soldier’s head and chest, you can add the arm on the left that holds his assault rifle. You can use lines of bulges from the shoulders to make his arm and hand. Then you can add padding in the elbow area, as shown in the reference image.

Finally, the rifle will be drawn with straight lines coming down from your hand, and more minor details will also appear. Before continuing, you can also pull his belt with his uniform lapel underneath.

Step 4:

We will count the warrior’s face and portion for this portion of your warrior picture. The face will be drawn with simple lines for the eyes and nose. You can modify these elements a bit if you like to make a unique facial term for him. Ultimately, you can pull his portion on the left. This leg will be drawn with more jagged lines representing your uniform fabric. You can also finish this leg by adding a knee pad and a boot.

Step 5:

How to Draw a Soldier

Before carrying on to the final step of this guide on how to draw a soldier, we will first draw the final details and elements. First, you can draw the right leg, which will look like the one you drew in the last step. Finally, you can add your gloved hand to the right arm. It will work for all steps in this guide, but before you continue, you can add any additional details or things you want!

You can draw a background to show what terrain this soldier is navigating, or you can draw something like a tank behind him. Another idea you could use would be to draw a camouflage shape or add some extra details to his uniform.

Step 6:

How to Draw a Soldier

Now that you’ve reached the final stage of your soldier drawing, you can bring it to life using your unique colors! In our reference image, we used green, gray, and black to color the soldier. It is just one example you can use, and you have many options to color this soldier drawing. Depending on the terrain, a soldier’s uniform can come in several color combinations. You can use whites and light blues for a snowy setting, greens, browns for a wilderness setting, or browns for a more desert setting.

Once you comprehend how you enjoy coloring this soldier drawing, you have to decide what you will use to color it! You can use watercolors or shaded pencils to give the soldier a softer, more subdued look. On the other hand, acrylic colors and shaded pens would be excellent for more vibrant colors. What do you think you’ll use to complete it?

Bring your Soldier Drawing to the following story.

Get this soldier ready for action as we show you how to make this excellent soldier design. Soldiers can be located in many additional settings and locations around the world. I could show where this one is by adding a background to this soldier sketch! Maybe it could be in a hot desert, a frozen and snowy area, or maybe a jungle. These are just a few settings you can use to give this artwork a sense of place. Where do you think this soldier might be?

This next suggestion for drawing your soldier will go very well with the previous one! If you change the background of this soldier, you can also change the details of his uniform. For example, if you place him in a snowy environment, you can use light grays, blues, and whites for his uniform. You will probably want to use shades of greens and browns in a jungle setting. Do you think you will pass this soldier further gloss points than he has now?

Soldiers rarely operate alone so you can add fellow soldiers for this one. Now that you’ve mastered this drawing of a soldier, you should have no problem doing it! Follow the steps in the guide, then tweak a few more details to have them in different poses. You might have a whole squad of soldiers on the page! When operating, soldiers use all sorts of different weapons and tools to get the job done. 

You would have plenty of opportunities to add fantastic extra elements to this soldier sketch! These can be anything from fancy guns and rocket launchers to even bigger things. Some models would be cars or a tank. Some of them might take a bit of research to get the finer details right, but that’s part of the fun! What tools would you add to this excellent soldier character?

Your soldier drawing is complete!

We hope this step-by-step guide on how to draw a soldier has made drawing this topic much easier and more pleasurable than you anticipated! We completed this tutorial to break it down into more effortless and straightforward steps, and with the help of the guide, we wanted to ensure that finishing this soldier wasn’t a battle! Now that you’ve completed the guide, you can continue adding your essential details and additions! We mentioned a few ideas you could do, like adding a background or additional elements. 

You can also use your favorite colors and artistic mediums to add your touch to this design. Once you are ready to have more fun drawing, you can visit us on our website for many more fantastic drawing guides! You’ll want to visit us often, as we frequently upload new guides. We’d love to see your awesome soldier drawing when it’s finished!

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