How To Determine Whether A Water Purifier Is Effective Or Not?

With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, bottled water has gradually become the main way of drinking water. Some families will choose water purifier as another way to drink water, quickly and easily drink pure, healthy drinking water. But is the water purifier really useful? Water purifier can really filter the tap water as pure water to meet the needs of vegetables and other drinking water?

If you need to buy water purifier or softener – how to buy it?

Water purifier works by a variety of filters (such as PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane system osmosis membrane, etc.), the water layer of purification, to achieve the purpose of removing impurities.

There is no national standard for purified water testing

An industry source states that, compared with tap water and bottled water, water purifier market smaller. So at present,India has not developed a unified standard, there is no counterpart to the special quality inspection departments. Water quality in different parts of our country is different, such as in addition to being polluted, the northern region generally water quality is hard, easy to cause stone disease and other health effects; the South region generally heavy metal exceeded the human liver, gallbladder, kidney and other hazards. So, the function of the water purifier revolves around the different requirements.

Buy an ideal and practical water purifier, should be considered from the following aspects:

First, whether there is a product health permits approval

Users must understand the importance of product quality when purchasing water purifiers.

Drinking water health supervision and management approach

Access to higher health supervision departments of the health permit, through the technical supervision department identification, in line with national “drinking water quality standards.”

Second, the purchase of the appropriate filter is essential

The first generation of water purifier mainly through activated carbon, ceramics and other simple filtration, easy to breed bacteria, pollute the water, fail to achieve the effect of clean water; second-generation water purifier using a variety of artificial polymer membrane filtration, Material effect is significant, but it is a fatal flaw is filtered out of the body of trace elements. The third generation of UV water sterilizer purifier is a nano-microcrystalline filter technology, a good solution to the second generation of water purifier defects, filter out the harmful substances in water and heavy metals. So when we choose the water purifier, we must ask the use of filtration technology and filter, to see whether to meet their own needs.

Third, whether it has a safe and effective sterilization technology

Water purification equipment use two ways sterilization, one is to add disinfectant, disinfectant can kill part of the bacteria, but the disinfectant contains a trace of harm to human health chemical composition; Second, ultraviolet disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection technology is internationally recognized as effective sterilization.

Fourth, whether the perfect after-sales service system

Many consumers want to buy some brands, cannot find the maintenance service phone or repair Service Company’s address. Under this situation the consumers are not only helpless, but also face a waste of resources as many water purifiers become furnishings. Water purifier after sales services are mainly concentrated in the replacement of the filter, such as if the filter is not replaced in long-term, then, it will pollute the water, and the water purifier will become “sewage.” Select the water purifier that offers a perfect after-sales service, such as the use of customer service system to track customer information, suggesting that customers and companies to replace the filter and so on.

Fifth, the purchase of high cost performance

Water purifier structure is different; the effect of water purification is also different. Generally speaking, a filter water purifier structure is simple, mainly of activated carbon. Its filtration capacity is limited, can only be used for coarse filtration, the filter water is good to boil and drink.

Seven, choose some basic principles of water purifier

Water purification products should be cost-effective: the product quality is better, stable performance; more convenient to use; low maintenance costs and lower operating costs; have strong professional skills and good after-sales service etc are some of the principles.

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