How to choose the right size screwdrivers

Probably the most used, and underrated tool in your toolbox will be the humble screwdriver, and chances are you have more than one. The materials they are made from varies and can be dictated by the price or their use. They come in many sizes, shapes, and lengths from little precision screwdrivers to very large and anywhere in between. So, with all these options how do you choose the right size screwdriver for the job.


The first thing you need to know is the head style of the screws you are using, the most common are the Phillips and the flathead screws. A lot of screwdriver sets come with a mix of the two head types and a range of sizes. Some screws are designed so the screwdriver head slips out rather than destroying the screw, others are made to be tightened much harder. This can alter the type of tip your screwdriver must have or the style of screwdriver you use. When you buy packets of screws you will find information on the size and style of screws they are, so use the details to guide you.


What you will be using the screwdriver for will assist in determining the screwdriver set you’ll need. If you have to do the screws up a specific amount, then you’ll need a torque screwdriver set. A magnetised screwdriver set will help prevent dropping screws, perfect for hard to get to spots. You’ll need an insulated screwdriver set if there is any chance of coming in contact with electricity. A long shaft will head reach into spaces and short shafts help in limited space. Perhaps you are planning on using an electric drill so you will need a screwdriver bit set instead.


If you are looking for a screwdriver set suitable to throw in your garage, or toolbox, ready to be used every 6 months or so, just to screw in an errant screw or two, but no heavy continuous work then an expensive high-quality screwdriver set won’t be necessary. However, if you’ll be using it daily, weekly, or even monthly then you need to look at quality. A quality screwdriver set will be more expensive but will need replacing less often, they will shred less screws, and will be more reliable. Make sure you buy your screwdriver sets from a reputable dealer like RS.

Deciding which is the right size screwdriver set to buy will be driven by the job you are trying to do. Do you need lots of torque, minimal torque, extra length for reaching, or a stubby handle because you have little room to move? What sort of screw head and size are you using? Once you have these answers then buying the right size screwdriver set will be easy. Even easier is asking the team at RS for expert advice and to place your order for your next set of quality screwdrivers. Contact them today by phone, email, or online. With RS quality is assured.

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