How To Celebrate Diwali In An Eco Friendly Way?

Diwali is arguably the favorite season of the year since friends and family get together to celebrate the festival of lights. Although there is a sense of warmth and excitement in the air, recent celebrations of this festival have turned reckless and environmentally dangerous.

Let’s consider methods to celebrate the festival’s essence, enjoy ourselves, and protect our priceless ecosystem at the same time. Continue the celebrations with these simple tweaks. Exchange simple Diwali gifts and go green this year!

Earthen Diyas

The festival of lights, Diwali, wouldn’t be nearly as lovely without colorful lights hung throughout the home. However, try to use traditional clay oil Diyas over power-hungry electronic lights. These are totally natural and traditional, in addition to having a gorgeous appearance. The Diya can be cleaned and used repeatedly for many years. Additionally, purchasing your Diyas from a roadside vendor would be a better option. It will help you bring a broad smile on the face of the poor and the needy. Giving them Diwali gift hampers would also be a great thing. It can add to their happiness.

Burst Low Sound Crackers

Even while there may be environmentally friendly crackers available, they nevertheless pollute the air. Wherever you can avoid the loud explosions. Every time there is a loud cracker bursting noise, infants and animals begin to cry and tremble. Every Diwali, several stray cats and dogs in our area are hit by automobiles or suffer burns from the crackers. This can occasionally cause uneasiness in animals as well.

Eco- Friendly Diwali Gifts

Diwali is linked with giving gifts, but avoid the usual decorations and candles. Make a difference by choosing eco-friendly gifting options. A ceramic mug and green tea or chamomile tea. Plants brighten up the area and are an excellent Diwali gifts for friends suggestions. If you tend to trip over house decor, handicrafts make for interesting gifts that support our local artisans. Additionally, you can also donate older clothing and shoes and give away outdated gadgets to those in need. 

A Nutritious Sweet Box

Instead of gifting traditional sweets for this Diwali, how about making a few changes? Choose a nutritious sweet box instead of the usual ones. For individuals who are devoted vegans or have lactose allergies, dairy-free options are ideal. Alternatively, you can consume sugar-free treats prepared with date syrup. Select desserts created with soy milk and coconut flour. Your friends and family members will appreciate that you didn’t enlarge their waistlines! 

Be Paw friendly 

If everyone is happy during a celebration, it is truly a celebration. Make a secure place for cats and dogs in your neighborhood. Feed them to prevent them from being burnt outside, when they are running after their prey. Provide a living space to the stray or a scared cat to hide in your building’s hallway.

Eco Friendly Rangoli

Alpanas and Rangolis are vital components of Diwali. Get rid of the oil paint and synthetic colors. Create amazing Rangoli designs every day by using the loose flowers. Flowers provide a tone of color and texture, and just your home in the complex will have fragrant decorations. Additionally, you can fill in certain areas of your artwork with household substances like tea or turmeric. You can also distribute eco- friendly Rangoli as a Diwali gift to your neighbors and friends. 

Recycle And Reuse Home Decor

Recycle candlesticks, agarbatti stands, diyas, and light bulbs. Get a quilt made from old sarees that have been pieced together, or turn your dupattas into pillowcases. Your home can be the most attractive in the area. Instead of splurging, go for a wiser decision to recycle everything that can be recycled and brought into use. 

Use Wrapping Paper Responsibly 

Instead of using those rolls of glitzy, flashy, and single-use wrapping paper. Get some plain paper, some non-toxic paint, and let your imagination run wild. Old newspapers can be used to write your wishes on and give your gift a lovely, unique touch. You could even use old stoles to wrap gifts if that seems boring. 

Use Biodegradable Platter

Instead of using plastic or thermocol alternatives, go for eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives. Additionally, you won’t have to stress about losing a dish from your priceless set, so you can enjoy the celebration. Dare to be unique; consider using edible cutlery and banana leaves as well.

Diwali calls for get togethers and exchange of Diwali gift hampers and Instead of holding multiple festivities around the city. Gather your friends and family under one roof to strengthen your relationships. This is a more effective method to celebrate and help reduce pollution and trash to one place.

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