How the surge in trend for personal mobility has brought about a rise in demand for used cars 

Wapcar Automotive News – The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on people’s lives and society over the past two or three years. It has disrupted industries or been a catalyst for growth for many, such as the auto industry.

1. End-to-end service

From start to finish, Spinny was in charge of everything. Before they are rated 200 points on the Internet, they performed an inspection of every car. They also offer a one-year after-sales warranty and a fixed-term money-back guarantee to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

The cause has boosted used car sales in inner-city and suburban cities. Several cities, such as Bangalore, Hyderabad as well as Delhi, are the greatest emerging markets. So whether your dream is to buy convenience or luxury cars, make it come true, with Spinny, the forerunner of the used car platform. From a Honda City used car in Delhi to a BMW X1 in Mumbai, a number of car options are available at Spinny.

The auto industry has shown strong consumer interest in the used car market. This is attributed to social distancing norms and people’s health problems as they learn the importance of having their own car for commuting. Plus, the easy availability, cost savings and ease of buying used cars is possible through new age used car retailers like Spinny.

Netizens have become extremely cautious after the pandemic and have welcomed and accepted the used car market with open arms whether it is urban or non-urban city. Below is a list of reasons why consumers did so.

2. Value for money

One of the main reasons driving individuals to buy used cars is the need for safe travel. In addition, people have become more price-sensitive, which has become a good reason for first-time buyers to choose used cars over new ones. For example, buying a used Innova Crysta in Bangalore is much more affordable than buying a new one.

3. Wide variety of car models

The endless options of vehicles available have led buyers to purchase various used car models across India ranging from sedans to SUVs. Different car models are available everywhere whether one wants to buy a used Creta in Delhi or a Tiago Revotron XZ Plus in Noida.

4. Access to used car loans and support from financial partners

In addition, Spinny, the leading used car retailer, partners with leading financial institutions to help people get used car loans with better interest rates, EMI convenience, time-long loan terms, and fast paperless payments and processing, allowing consumers to enjoy hassle-free. shopping experience.

This development is explained by low-interest used car loans that have become popular in India due to increased demand for used cars. Another reason is the preference for personal modes of transportation amid the pandemic and people’s growing trust in Spinny, the leading user car platform.

About Spinny

Founded in 2015, Spinny is a used car retail platform that aims to bring transparency and convenience to the purchase and sale of used cars. A testament to Spinny’s commitment to transparency and quality, every vehicle on its platform comes with a 200-point checklist, a 5-day money-back guarantee, and a one-year after-sales warranty. Spinny has run about 36 car centers in 22 cities seperately in India. Last year, Indian ticketing legend Sachin Tendulkar partnered with Spinny as a strategic investor and top brand ambassador. Sports icon PV Sindhu, a Spinny believer and customer, is also part of a string of marketing initiatives focused on realizing billion-dollar car dreams.

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