How Much Does It Cost to Install a Fencing Seattle?

If you’re looking to get a new fence installed around your home, you’ll probably want to know how much that would cost in Seattle and what factors affect the price. Here are three things you should keep in mind when considering the cost of a fence installation in Seattle.

Things you need

A fence may seem like it’s easy enough to put up and there are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube to prove it. But the thing is, you want to install a fence that looks good, is functional, and will last. That’s why we’re here to help answer your question of how much does it cost? The first thing you need is the size of your lot. If you have more than an acre, then expect the price for fencing seattle to go up because more time will be spent per linear foot that needs trimmed off for posts and decorative pieces like gates.

Preparing the Ground

When you’re looking at fencing Seattle and talking with different companies, it’s important to get some estimates before you start the process. There are three different types of fences, which each have their own costs and benefits: traditional picket fences, vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing. Deciding on one type will help determine how much it will cost. A traditional picket fence is cheaper than a vinyl or aluminum fence because it does not require maintenance. Vinyl fences are more expensive because they last much longer than wood, but still need little maintenance. An aluminum fence is more expensive than wood, but cheaper than vinyl because it needs little-to-no maintenance and has aesthetic qualities that make it very appealing for residential use in certain parts of the city… etc.

Hiring Professional Contractors

Installing a fence can be one of the most satisfying home improvement projects you will do. Installing your own fence, however, can also be one of the most frustrating ones too. If you are not skilled with power tools and aren’t familiar with working on structures at height, then hiring professional contractors may be your best bet. Here is what you need to know before deciding if you should hire fences seattle instead of trying it yourself: -Working from heights can lead to serious injuries like falls or cuts. Consider all risks that may come along with working at height before taking on the project. Hiring an expert who does this type of work often will lower your risk for these types of accidents.

Types of fences

A fence installation is the best way to keep your yard secure and private. We offer many different types of fences including post and rail, privacy, chain link, steel mesh, wire mesh and vinyl. Of course it all depends on your preference for style but we will work with you as much as possible when it comes time for the design phase of the process. If you’re not sure which fence is right for you give us a call today and our fencing seattle experts will help answer any questions you might have!

Costs – Traditional Wood vs Vinyl vs Chain Link

When deciding how much does it cost to install a fence seattle, the two most important aspects of price are the type of fencing and the contractor you choose. Pricing will vary greatly depending on which fence you choose, from $400 – $800 for vinyl panels and $2,500-$3,000 for chain link fences. These prices assume that no gate is needed or provided. The traditional wood fence will be cheaper than either of these types of fencing. These prices don’t include installation or permit fees.

Chain Link Fences – Low, Mid and High End Options

Wondering how much you might expect to pay for fencing seattle installation services? Well, it depends on the type of fence you want and what kind of location the fence will be installed. A low-end chain link fence typically costs $3-$4 per linear foot. Mid-range fencing seattle can cost about $4-$5 per linear foot.

Wood – Pressure Treated vs Western Red Cedar vs Hybrid Lumber

Pressure treated wood is cheaper, but you may have to replace it over time because it can be less durable. Western red cedar is expensive, but it lasts the longest and is typically consider the best fence material. Hybrid lumber falls somewhere in between pressure treated wood and western red cedar. It has more natural resistance against insects. But there are not many grades of hybrid lumber available on the market. That are as strong as other types of lumber. If you’re just looking for privacy and not bothered by appearance. Or longevity then high density vinyl board fences are your best option. Vinyl boards are lightweight, easy to install, inexpensive, and won’t ever rot or deteriorate.

Vinyl Gates – Low, Mid and High End Options

– Vinyl Gates Low. Mid and High End Options – This is the most affordable type of gate and are typically used by homeowners. The low end will use basic construction materials like steel posts and has the least sophisticated design. Steel is not only very rigid but also very heavy. The mid-range is built from high quality materials including vinyl that has been rate for its resistance to saltwater erosion. Making it an attractive option for homes on beaches or along rivers where salt air from winter storms may be harsh on traditional wood fence. The high end models include all the advantages of quality materials such as steel and vinyl, but they also include additional features like ornamental embellishments with custom hardware or cables designed specifically for them, which result in higher prices than their lower-end counterparts.

Materials Used – Rails, Ties and Post Caps

A variety of materials can be use for posts, including steel, vinyl and aluminum. So, if you are looking for something unique or more aesthetically pleasing than the usual cedar, then these materials may be worth checking out. Another consideration when thinking about what type of post to use is the height you want your fence at and the type of property it’s being install on. If there are trees near your property line and you plan on getting something close to the ground level then you’ll need low-profile posts that don’t interfere with tree roots or damage landscaping. A rail is another component that goes into constructing your fence and there are a variety of styles available, including horizontal (standard), vertical (more secure) and diamond patterned railings.

Tips for Saving Money on a Fence Installation

Start by hiring an experienced contractor. Who will not only offer the best rates but will also know about local code requirements. And can help you with all other aspects of the project. You can save on labor costs by renting your tools for the day of installation. Or subcontracting for tasks such as digging and filling dirt. Plus, most fences are sold as-is, meaning that there’s no need to have them deliver on site. Saving you more money on delivery. Finally, if you’re intereste in staining your fence. Order it unfinished so that you can choose how dark you want it to be when applying the finish coat.


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If you have been considering fencing for your yard for years but feel it may be too costly and time-consuming. There are ways you can ease into making this investment. You’ll need to do research on different styles, like picket or board style fences that range from $100 – $2,000 each.

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