How effective are phones spy apps?

Today mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. A very important percentage of your daily social interactions are carried out through them. In them you store practically all your information, from the smallest to the most intimate, knowing this it is almost inevitable to resist spying on someone else’s mobile.

Knowing the private and intimate information of that person is a temptation that can affect anyone, whether as a parent who is concerned about the good of their children, wanting to supervise the activities they may have on social networks.

On the net you will be able to get many applications to spy on phones, some very popular ones like Spyzie that although it was one of the best apps on the web, it has now given way to mSpy, which heads all the lists being the best spy app and even control parental.

If you are a businessman who has noticed a very low performance of your workers and you want to control what they do with their corporate mobiles, or if your love relationship is complicated and you need to clarify any suspicions about your partner and with whom you chat.

If any of these options is your case, we have excellent news for you, since there are currently a variety of legal apps on the market to intervene and be able to monitor the mobile you want, and get all kinds of personalized information from the person you are targeting you want to spy

These apps are known as “Stalkerware” (spyware), and you don’t need to be an expert to take advantage of them.

What can a spy app really do?

It is very different from what you see in a movie or in an espionage series, when you install one of these applications remotely it is not an easy task, but if you install it manually it is very simple, you just have to install it on your mobile that you want to monitor.

The possibilities that this monitoring software offers you, each app has a series of unique characteristics, however, each worthwhile spy app will offer you these basic and fundamental services:

  • Full access to the call logs and all the very detailed information, such as the number and name of the contact, date and time of the calls, as well as the duration of these.
  • All control and updating of the contact list registered in the spied phone.
  • Control and monitoring of text messages, both incoming and outgoing.
  • You will be able to know the location of the ‘person being spied on’ through GPS Geolocation.
  • Access to view photos, videos and audios.
  • Enter the different instant messaging applications and all social networks, such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Viper; Line, Snapchat, Skype and many more, in addition to the total information shared on these social networks.
  • All Web browsing history.
  • You will have a practical control panel to be able to manage all the information collected and full access from your online account.

What limitations will you have to face when spying on a mobile?

While installing the software, it is very essential to have full physical access to the phone to be spied on for a few minutes.

If the phone to be spied on has a password, you will have to know it in order to access it.

Almost always, for the app to be able to perform all its spy functions, the phone has to be jailbroken, or rooted, if it’s Android, or jailbroken if it’s an iOS phone.

For these apps to run without problems, the mobile must be connected to an internet line either by mobile data or with a good WIFI connection.

2 excellent apps to spy on phones without being discovered

mSpy: It is the queen of spy apps for its excellent performance, it is currently the leading software on the market, it was launched in 2010, since then it is the best known in the world.

This app will allow you to have access to all the basic information and total control of the device remotely, from your control panel, it records the GPS location and demarcation of limit zones, it has the option of choosing locations on the map and setting them as “prohibited areas.

It also has full control of applications and the Web browser, displaying all installed applications.

FlexiSpy: It is the most comprehensive app for the highest budgets, that is why it is important to thoroughly understand this application in which you plan to invest money, among the offers there are options that may not fit your needs.

This app is very powerful, and its performance is very efficient and reliable, but what makes it stand out from the rest is that it has the option to record and intercept phone calls in real time.

It has a Lite mode, where you can get basic functions of any spy app, the Premium version has many advanced tools, and its Extreme version includes the innovative conversation recorder.

The Premium version has GPS tracking, access to all instant messaging applications and all social networks, application control and a Web browser where you can block Web pages and uninstall applications.

It has activation of alerts for keywords, and a Keylogger to be able to register and store passwords, its Extreme version intercepts calls in real time and live, recording all calls, recording the environment and capturing photos remotely.

Flexispy is the only app on the market that has the tools to intercept calls, it is undetectable by any virus, its installation is very simple and easy to install, you will have access to the control panel from any device.

Although there are many phone spy apps, these are the two that lead the market and offer you a wide variety of options.

Whatever your perspective on spy apps, the more likely you are to make the right decision to meet your needs, so make sure you choose an app that meets your expectations.


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