How Can UPDF Help You Improve Documentation Productivity

At workplaces, a free PDF editor becomes a necessity. In any case, you’ll be needing a good and efficient PDF editor so that you can manage the workflow in a breeze. Talking about the legal profession, UPDF is an excellent PDF software for law firms. In law firms, crucial decisions and extensive work take place every now and then. Therefore, an important task is to find reliable PDF software for personal users and SMBs.

On UPDF, all the vital features are available that help in diverse legal processes. It can surely maximize the effectiveness of any legal battle by providing critical reasoning for every court case!

So, for all the lawyers out there searching for complete and comprehensive PDF software for their law firms, UPDF is your answer!

Let’s find out how UPDF assists in improving work efficiency for law firms:

Introducing the Best PDF Software to Improve Work Efficiency

UPDF is a free PDF editor containing all the vital features and an exceptional user interface. It’s a fully optimized PDF editor that looks amazing to the eyes and you’d be tempted to use it again and again.

l  Edit PDF Text and Images

For legal teams, documents are extremely important. From the legal framework to patents, contracts, and other records, documents require editing. PDF editing for such documents should be done in an accurate manner. Hence, you should choose UPDF as it’s the perfect PDF software for law firms.

On UPDF, you can find all the features like changing fonts, sizes, colors, and styles. Moreover, there’s also an in-built image editor so you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else. Just click the image and play with it!

You can easily reshape, resize, move, cut, or delete the image just the way you like in a snap. Also, you can add an image to the PDF document in case an image is available on your device.

l  Read and Annotate PDF Pages

UPDF offers a delightful reading and annotating experience to all lawyers. In order to read a single or multiple legal documents, you can choose to open them in several different tabs in order to avoid any sort of confusion and work on them separately.

On the other hand, you can adjust the PDF document according to your screen size for a better reading experience. The legal documents are always present in a shape of a bundle. Thousands of PDF pages are collected in one place! So, you can bookmark the pages in order to search them easily for later use.

 Plus, if you want to find any specific term, you can search for it and you’ll find it immediately.

The annotating features are also plentiful on UPDF. Now, you can choose to underline or highlight the text and add sticky notes or text boxes to convey your thoughts to other lawyers, working on the same case.

To annotate, you can add various shapes like circles, ovals, or rectangles and change their styles according to your wish.

l  Convert PDF Documents

UPDF offers accurate conversion with OCR so you don’t have to worry about any mistakes. For legal teams, amendments and changes are quite usual. Therefore, using UPDF, you can simply convert a PDF into an editable word document and do changes just as you prefer.

Apart from conversion to word doc, you can choose plenty of other formats also like Excel, PowerPoint, PPT, etc. Almost all the formats are available, you just name it and UPDF will provide it to you!

OCR is a superb technology to ensure accuracy levels at 100%. You can’t go wrong with UPDF. So, always choose UPDF as it’s the best PDF software for law firms.

l  Organize PDF Pages

Organizing the bundles of legal PDFs is definitely a huge task. However, with UPDF, all your concerns would be settled. So, don’t worry and rely on UPDF’s exemplary features to add, delete, move, extract, or replace PDF pages in just a single click.

For legal teams, not every PDF page is important. Therefore, you can choose to delete that particular page to create a better workflow. Similarly, all the organizing features are simply superb.

l  Password Protect PDF Documents

Are you worried about cyber theft as a lawyer? Is your client’s information at risk? Well, with UPDF’s password-protect feature, you can always keep the documents fully secured.

Keep a secure password so that no one else is allowed to use your personal PDFs. Only people, who have the password would be able to access the document!

How UPDF can Help with Work?

As mentioned above, UPDF is a complete and comprehensive PDF editor for law firms. It not only improves work efficiency. Rather, it helps to manage PDF documents in a swift manner. With UPDF, you’ll always be in control of your legal documents. In order to find out more about the software, just check it out now!

The Bottom Line

So, here we’ve come to the end where we discussed the importance of UPDF in every lawyer’s life. It’s hands-down the best PDF software for law firms. You can not only take benefit from the amazing features of it. Rather, you can also enjoy working on it due to its flexible and attractive user interface. Read more

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