How can artificial intelligence benefit DevOps?

DevOps has been an area of implementation for many organizations across the world. As various industries have understood the power of DevOps, they keenly look for DevOps solutions for their businesses from expert DevOps company Canada. No wonder why DevOps has a prominent future.

  • According to a report by Markets and Markets, in 2017, the DevOps market size had a value of USD 2.90 billion.
  • Furthermore, by 2023, it is said to have a value of USD 10.31 billion.

However, there are many elements and technologies that make DevOps more powerful. In this post, you will read about one such technology; artificial intelligence. From individual applications to use in the latest technology like the metaverse, artificial intelligence does wonders!

First, let us understand why artificial intelligence is powerful!

The power of an artificial intelligence

  • A Grand View Research says that in 2021, the global AI market was USD 93.5 billion.
  • Moreover, by 2030, it will have a hike of 38.1%.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that literally makes machines effective with human intelligence powers. AI and ML are among the two most influential technologies in the tech industry. Also, no wonder why various domains are keen to include this technology in their structure.

Some benefits of artificial intelligence are automation, intelligence decision-making, finding solutions for complex problems, etc. It ultimately enhances customer experience and boosts the business.

Further, in this post, you will read about the benefits of artificial intelligence to DevOps.

Let us move ahead!

Significance of DevOps

DevOps is a methodology that works for the operations and development areas of the business. DevOps blesses businesses with three significant features; automation, collaboration, and regular updates and feedback. For example, DevOps automates the processes of businesses that are repetitive. This saves a lot of time, money, and energy, and professionals can focus more on other important tasks. The best-in-class DevOps strategy can take the company’s growth to the next level.

How can AI benefit DevOps?

DevOps and artificial intelligence are both powerful business solutions. However, AI has the power to transform DevOps solutions. The amalgamation of AI and DevOps can offer various benefits. Moreover, AI can be an effective tool for various DevOps functions. Let us understand how AI benefits DevOps.

More powerful automation

Automation is the key feature of the DevOps setup. DevOps focuses on releasing the automation process for repetitive and routine tasks. It has a huge impact on improving the efficiency of the system.

Artificial intelligence can boost this automation. By using AI for DevOps, developers can leverage the power of AI in the development process. It will help them complete the process faster and ensure the quality of the work.

Enhanced collaboration

Collaboration is another advantage of the DevOps structure. With efficient DevOps processes, both internal and external collaborations are feasible and effective. 

Developers are expected to generate codes at a faster pace. In such a case, operations members have to make sure that it won’t affect any execution part. Therefore, when AI works with DevOps, it can promote efficient collaboration between two teams. For example, it can offer a single window to look for all the updates in the system for all. 

Software utilization is improved via testing.

AI helps business operations on various levels. In software testing, artificial intelligence can make both the development and testing powerful. In addition, it collects the data from various testing rounds. Therefore, it will store the instances that caused errors. As a result, it will use this data for further development and make it a fast and efficient process.

Data organization is better with artificial intelligence.

Data handling and management is a challenging task. Even a small size or a large-sized firm requires efficient systems to handle its data. Moreover, in a DevOps setup, a lot of processes generate data. Handling such data is crucial yet challenging.

However, AI can benefit this situation. AI can gather all the data from scattered sources and use it whenever it is needed.

Prediction analysis improves.

Suppose you are watching a software tutorial on YouTube. When you open that app after a while, you will see many similar videos on your homepage as suggestions. This is pretty similar to AI predictions!

AI can help DevOps systems with precise predictions. But, where can it be used?

As you know, AI helps in gathering and analyzing data. Therefore, it can gauge the data that causes errors. As a result, it helps in predicting failure situations. And as prevention is better than cure, this prediction can help take action against failure at an early stage. It saves time and effort and generates better results faster.

Know the root cause with the help of AI.

Suppose a problem arrives at the development phase. Then developers will solve it and move ahead. Often this situation leads to not understanding the root cause of the issue caused. AI helps DevOps systems by analyzing the root cause of any challenging situation. Therefore, it helps determine the exact cause, work on it and avoid the same in the future to improve efficiency and speed.

AI helps in security too!

AI works keenly on making the DevOps structure more insightful and robust. AI-based algorithms can help to consider security majors. They can track errors, failures, and malware in the system. Also, they keep hold of the data and sources causing these abnormalities. Further, these algorithms will notify about the theft of the DevOps system. As a result, the system can ensure a safe solution against it.

Less coding with low/ no code

Many DevOps systems tend to adapt to low/no code development. Low/ no-code development involves less coding. And artificial intelligence can help it. Moreover, AI can streamline routine development tasks with smart automation. It will ease out work for developers, and they will be able to focus on solving complex coding problems.

Let us sum it up!

DevOps transforms business processes, and AI can transform the efficiency of the DevOps structure. Moreover, you can win the half battle when you connect with proficient DevOps solution providers! Choose an expert partner to make this change happen for your business.

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