Hack using Stingray or IMSI Catcher

Hack using Stingray or IMSI Catcher

Hack using Stingray or IMSI Catcher, This method has been called in various ways. An IMSI Catcher (International Cellular Subscriber Identifier) ​​is sometimes described as the Fake Towers method, or by the name Stingray (the original brand name of the equipment used to perform the hack ).

“ IMSI Catcher ” is the generic name given to devices used to eavesdrop and track subscribers to the cellular network – ie your phone! At first, this was only used by law enforcement, but today its use has become quite widespread among criminals and/or private investigators.

They work (in a very basic way) by simulating to be a genuine cell tower and intercepting the signals that circulate around it. It can then identify individual phones and hack their data – sometimes this includes listening to and/or recording their calls or tracking their movements.

Early versions of these kits were sold for over $50,000, but now their base price is listed as starting at $1,500 – obviously, this is a range that allows for more abuse by criminals.

The forces of the law have suffered several pressures in recent times due to the unregulated uses of these tools, without guarantees, and that -allegedly- have abused privacy laws.

Cell phone hacking via Wireless Sniffer

It’s another method quite popular among cell phone hacking articles published on the web – but is it a viable option? The wireless sniffer or wireless packet sniffer method works in much the same way as the Stingray mentioned above.

It was designed to intercept cellular communications between devices or between different networks. It was originally used to capture commercial networks and steal sensitive information. It can also be used to track public Wi-Fi networks, which are less (or not) secure.

Again we ask ourselves – how practical can this be for the average person? We really don’t see many people, with the necessary resources and skills, who are able to go that far just to find out what you’re doing with your phone! Do you think a person jealous of their partner would go all the way this path? We really highly doubt that.

These types of hacks definitely only run in the realm of a professional hacker – or a criminal! The business is finally becoming aware of these types of threats and is making significant investments in security and protection.

SS7 vulnerabilities?

It’s another method that’s out there doing the rounds – just because it sounds pretty sneaky. All you need to know is that it is an expired method and cannot be used by anyone. Could a hacker use these kinds of methods? – Again we say no because there are currently better techniques than this.

Hacking by security forces

We frequently receive inquiries from people who suspect they are being watched by the police, or who believe they have been hacked by government intelligence agencies. -Really! – We do not know what type of response they expect to receive from us- We refuse to endorse these types of comments or questions in any way- for our own legal security!

As we mentioned earlier, the use of Stingray devices by law enforcement in the past has already been well documented. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, I’m sure you’ve already come to the conclusion that security services have the skills to hack into your cell phone (wherever you live), without you knowing.

There have been many scandals and leaks from whistleblowers. If they want to spy on your electronic communications they can and will – we hope this is done within legal guarantees, but who knows?

They have the legal power to request all your data stored by your telephone company or service provider – which will grant them access to all the information about your communications, including GPS tracking. This is why criminals use disposable makeshift phones.

One thing is for sure… They will not use mSpy or Flexispy – and on your phone, you will not find any signs or signs that you have been hacked!

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