Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022

Today we will talk that if you have also thought of earning money by blogging, then it is necessary for you to take Google AdSense because Google is going to give you money for ads and you are going to earn good money only with AdSense.

In today’s time, blogging is such a scope in which any person can make a good living by working from his home or office for some time. That’s why people give up early from blogging.

In blogging, you earn money in many ways such as – by running google ads, affiliate, guest posting, product sales, but you will be able to do all this only when your AdSense approval will be done. But new bloggers have to face a lot of difficulty in taking google AdSense, today in this article I am going to tell the solution of the same problem so that you can get approval of google ads quickly by working on the blog in a right way.

Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022

1. Select a good domain

First of all, before you start blogging, choose a good domain and keep the domain name in such a way that is suitable for your topic, which you are likely to get approval soon. How do you choose a good domain such as .com / .in/ .net/ .org.

If you want to work by targeting India, then you should buy .in domain and name it according to your niche, so that Google knows that this domain is written about it and your post will also be indexed soon. Chances will remain.

2 Use good hosting (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022) –

When people start blogging, they come under the greed of less money and buy a cheap hosting, which later they have to face many problems, then you will always keep in mind that do not buy any cheap hosting by not getting into cheap hassle.

If you do not understand about good hosting, then I have already written a post for this, you can buy a good hosting through this post.

Benefits of good hosting –

Yaddi, if you buy cheap hosting by falling in love with someone, then you will have to face many technical problems, which you will waste time in fixing it properly. Your hosting only helps in getting your website approved quickly.

If you have good hosting then the speed of your website will be fast due to which the user experience will be good and the user will stay on your website for a long time, due to which your CTR and your CPC will be good, due to which you will get a chance to earn good money.

That’s why I would say that you should not fall in the trap of cheap and choose a good hosting first.

3. Your website design should be good

Now after domain and hosting, it comes to you that how is the design of your website, if the user does not like the design of your website, then the user will not stay on your website for long. You have done the design of your website by yourself and if you can spend a little, then you should get your website designed well by a website designer, which you want to keep the same design for a long time.

Let me tell you that if the design of your website is good, then as if your work will be completed 60 percent, you will not have any problem in taking Google AdSense, so make your website user friendly.

Whenever you design the website, then keep in mind that your website is open in both mobile, laptop versions and your blog post can be seen by the user properly in both and if possible, 90 percent of you people in today’s time from mobile. If everything works, then you should try that your website is mobile friendly.

4. Your post should have 20 posts (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022) –

Whenever you take Google AdSense approval before you see that your website should have at least 20 posts and all of them should be unique. Let me tell you that unique means whatever you win about the latest things, you will post a blog in your website, the sooner your post will be indexed and will rank in Google.

Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022

If you do not find from where you see the keywords about the new post, then I suggest you have a website by doing google trends where you can find out about the daily searching things where you can choose your country. You can go to the new searching post and know about the latest things there, and there you will also come to know that how many people are searching for which keyword, you can write a blog on the same keyword and get Google AdSense approval easily.

5. Do not write copyright post (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022) –

When any person comes to blogging, he makes this mistake the most, due to which Google never gives AdSense approval to his website. You will keep in mind that whenever you write a post, write it with your own thoughts and not by looking at any 2, 4 sites or copying any other sites and writing it in your post and published it.

In such a situation, Google will never allow your website for Google AdSense approval.

You may write articles of less words but it should be completely different from other website so that Google also finds your articles unique and Google should never give copyright claim error on it.

6. Use copyright images (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022) –

Now it comes that whenever you use any type of images in your post, then those photos should not have been copied from any other website. Winning you will prepare photos with your mind, the more your post and website will rank both.

Even if you are putting photos from any other website, then definitely give credit to that website so that you can avoid the claim of copyright images from Google.

If you want to prepare any photos from your mind, then I would advise you about websites that give free images like Canva, Pixabay, that you can go there and create a good photo for free, so you can compress the size of the images too. By doing so, the speed of your website will be good and it will not take much time for your post to open.

Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022
Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022

 7 . pages create (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022 ) –

Now if you have done the work mentioned above, then no one will be able to stop you to take AdSense because in all these things I am telling what Google needs. Now you have to create the main pages on your website, which are the pages –

1 . About us

2 . Contacts

3 . Disclaimer

4. privacy policy

5 . DMCA

6. Terms & Condition

You have to create these main pages in your website, you can create all these pages with the help of google or you can make them according to you, you can create them in a very easy way. These pages are very important, only then you can take google AdSense Approval, otherwise google will not approve any ads to your website without these pages.

8. The post should be indexed (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022) –

When you are ready by writing the post, after that you have to add your domain to the search console.

How to do it – You have to search by typing google search console tools on Chrome browser, but first Google’s website will come, in which you have to get your domain approved. If you have many videos on YouTube to know about it, you can also prepare search console based on them.

Now all the posts you have written have to be submitted by URL inspection in google search console tools and submit the URL of all the posts and get indexed there. Keep in mind that if you have published 10 posts, then at least 8 of those posts should be indexed in google.

9. Create social media account (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022) –

Now you have to make your website trust full, for that you create social media accounts in your website or blog such as – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin etc. Maintain social accounts so that whenever google visits your website, it is the same. Your website should be trusted at times.

And you should be active on the social media accounts you have created and work on them daily, otherwise that account will not have any value in front of google if you do not work on them continuously.


In how many days does Google AdSense get approval?

If you have applied for google AdSense after preparing your website well, then your approval will come in 7 days, if it is taking more than 7 days, then you understand that there may be a problem in your AdSense. | Its reply comes from google soon, you will not have to wait for long.

When do the first payments come after Google AdSense?

When ads will be started in your website, after that google says that when you get 100 $ in your account then you can take these payments. When your $100 is completed, you get credited in your account from 22nd to 25th of the month. If there is a holiday then it also happens on the 27th – 30th, many times otherwise it mostly comes till 25th.

When does the AdSense account verification pin come?

When your Google AdSense approval is done, after that Google Ads are enabled and when your account becomes $ 10, then Google sends the verification pin of your home address which you have to enter in your Google AdSense account.

last word –

Today in this article (Google AdSense approval tips in Hindi 2022) you must have been able to know how you can get Google AdSense approval and I have also got Adsense approval in the same way which I have shared with you through this article.

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