How to Recreate Gigi Hadid Nails at a Much Lower Price Point

If you want to get the most well-known Gigi Hadid nails ever and give your nails some glitz and sparkle, go no further than a chrome gel manicure. This manicure trend is huge at the moment right now and has been for quite some time, all this is for good reason— because it is absolutely gorgeous! You may get mirrored chrome nails by following these five simple procedures, which are provided in this blog post.

Nails When obtaining a manicure, conventional gel nails are indeed the obvious choice. because they don’t chip for three weeks. But chrome nails—also referred to as mirror or glass nails—are an improvement over gel! Chrome nails might cost a little more than you typically pay at the manicure salon, but they are worthwhile. Additionally, they’ll be fantastic for parties to go with your attire and cosmetics! With the use of a unique powder, nail stylists create the mirror-like impression of chrome nails. Next, nail technicians use a little sponge to add a layer of polish.

Do you want to imitate Gigi Hadid nails by giving yourself a similar chrome gel manicure? See this simple and easy DIY way to get a stunning mirrored chrome gel manicure at home, that may be much lighter on your pockets.

The Things You Will Need Mirror Chrome Gel Nail Polish

  • Black Gel Polish Chrome Powder
  • Gel Top Coat
  • UV lamp with an eyeshadow applicator
  • Mirror Instructions for Chrome Gel Nails

Step 1: Applying Black Base Polish as a Base Coat

Like you would with gel nails, prepare your nails. Applying a base colour to the surface of your nails is the next step. The chrome polish will stick to your nails better and keep them from chipping if you first apply a base coat. It is now time to move towards the subsequent stage once the base coat has dried.

In order to achieve the exact look of Gigi Hadid nails, make sure to do the following steps:

  • Put two coats of black gel polish on.
  • To instantly dry the gel, cure it under UV light for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Apply a transparent gel top coat after the gel has dried and cure once more under the UV light. Your nails are now prepared for the free-flowing chrome powder!

Step 2: Rubbing Chromatic Powder on your Nails

Buff the chrome powder onto your gel nails, making sure you are neither using too light pressure nor too harsh, as doing both could result in a bad or failed manicure. Picking up enough chrome powder with an eyeshadow brush is also an essential step. Start buffing after applying the chrome powder to your UV-dried fingernails. Make sure to apply enough pressure to your gel nails to cause friction. The silver chrome appearance may take a few rubs to reveal itself; so be patient and remember not to rub aggressively, in hope of achieving the desired result faster. After you are done rubbing the chromatic powder, your nails should look like they are wrapped in tin foil.

Step 3: Dusting Off the Excess Powder

Brush off any excess stray chrome powder from the area surrounding your nails after applying it to all of them. These annoying tiny things can be more difficult to remove than glitter. Tip: You can use liquid latex to the area around your fingernails if cleaning isn’t your thing. It will attract any extra powder, not your skin.

Step 4: Applying a Good Quality Top Coat

Observe your recreated Gigi Hadid nails carefully at this point. If you are satisfied with your mirror chrome gel nails, then, do not forget to apply another layer of the clear topcoat. It will aid in keeping the mirror-like look and locking in the powder for a longer period of time.

Step 5: Treating the Gigi Hadid Nails Once More

Finally, give your brand-new, lovely nails a 60-second curing period. Any extra chrome powder surrounding your chrome gel nails should be removed with alcohol. And that’s it! Your chrome gel manicured nails are now party-ready, so it’s time to flaunt your stunning mirror-Gigi Hadid nails. then begin to take pleasure in people’s attention!

Tips and Tricks for Chrome Gel Manicures

You can attempt nail polishes with a chrome finish if you do not have a UV or LED bulb, or the right polish for gel nails! In order to maintain the mirror-like sheen, do not forget to add a water-based topcoat.


Gigi Hadid nails are among the most famous nail designs in pop culture. Although Gigi Hadid hires expensive nail experts to decorate her nails, we can replicate Gigi Hadid nails at home using a far smaller investment in nail art tools. Therefore, if you do not have $2000 lying around to spend on a silver manicure, you can still obtain a comparable appearance at home by using inexpensive nail stickers, metallic nail polish, or press on nails.

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