Galoob Baby Faced Dolls revolutionized the doll industry in America – kids love dolls

Galoob – cute, baby-faced dolls for young children that revolutionized the doll industry in America

There were six outfits and diapers available for sale alongside the Galoob Baby Face dolls, namely “Going Hollywood, in High Fashion Diapers, Playing Outside, Going Beddy-Bye and Going Swimming”. A customer feedback form insert into each doll box asking for an estimate of the demand for the special offer party dress.

This was a promotional offer where customers were required to provide proof of purchase of two Galoob dolls along with a $2 by check or money order that would allow the customer to receive this special offer party dress for Galoob dolls already purchased. The package was delivered to the home and contained a headband, shoes, socks, or a diaper. Accessories that make for the Galoob dolls included a stroller, children’s shoes, a backpack, watches, and sleeping bags.

Children all over the world, belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds

irrespective of religion and belief, love to play with dolls. There are Barbies and G.I. Joes, Phantoms, etc. are individual figurines inspired by the creative skills of the designers. Some of them especially aime at young boys, such as the fireman, G.I. Joe, the American soldier, and other toys such as the Patton tank, the fighter plane. Little girls like to play with Barbie. The teddy bear or the galoob dolls with a baby face.

While it creates boldness and a high spirit of patriotism in boys. Girls grow up playing with their 半身ラブドール make them more feminine and calm, so parents like to gift their little daughters with baby face galoob dolls and barbies. Many of these dolls become attractive decorative pieces in glass cases. Especially as children grow up and their play priorities change to other sports where they no longer need dolls to play with.

Although the doll industry flourished in America and Europe

there are replicas and duplicates of Galoob Baby face dolls. Other dolls and toys that make in China without major quality control policies. Chinese manufacturers have flooded this market all over the world and since people. Machines, and labor are very cheap in China, they can easily sell them for less than half the price. Some Western countries have recently found that they make of substandard materials. Some of them contain excessive amounts of chemicals that are harmful to children. Various governments have banned Chinese dolls after conducting various tests on them.

As a parent and responsible citizen, be careful when buying a Galoob doll for your child

Or if you want to give it as a birthday present or hang it on the Christmas tree. Buy Galoob dolls only from established and reputable dealers who do not have fakes of these dolls, because, despite the ban. Tthere are products that smuggle through the gray market and other unofficial channels.

These fake Galoob or Barbie dolls made in China pose a potential health risk, with serious illnesses. Deaths reported in some countries due to the harmful and toxic chemical dyes present in the dolls and their clothing. But as usual, these events hush up by bureaucrats and politicians as well as law enforcement agencies. Because these markets control by powerful people who know how to sweeten anyone who comes their way. For more information click here

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