Four Ways to Find Business Opportunities for Beginners

At this time there are many fresh beverage products in various forms. However, there are some people who pay attention to the use of sugar in these fresh beverage products. Most of them can not consume sugar / sweeteners derived from sugar cane for health reasons. Well, from this you have found a problem from your prospective customers, namely they want to consume drinks, but with safe sugar levels.

As an example of a business idea, you can make beverage products using substitute sweeteners such as stevia, honey, and other healthy fruits. So that this can be an advantage of your business, namely fresh drinks with healthy sweeteners.

  1. Explore your passion
    If you previously used a hobby, then the next way is to use your passion as a business idea. It’s actually more about your interests and things you can do well. Try to make a list of about five things about yourself and the things you are really good at. Next, make 5 things you don’t like / are good at. Then analyze based on the possibilities that can be used as an idea for the business.

After you make a list and analyze the possible things you can do with pleasure, then try to adjust it according to your will to do business.

For example, you have the ability to cook and like healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. From these things, there are a number of things that can become business ideas, such as selling organic healthy food, selling special diet foods, or vegetarian food.

  1. Be an idea machine
    Then don’t be lazy to think of various ideas. There’s nothing wrong with making doodles with the aim of getting various interesting ideas. According to Liz Huber who is a Productivity Coach, you can train your brain by writing down 10 ideas on one topic every day. This doesn’t have to be each a different business idea, but you can make it easier by focusing on one topic.

For example, write down ideas related to easier cooking tips, 10 ideas on how to take care of clothes to make them last longer, and so on.

By doing this, you can hone yourself into a creative person. And it’s not impossible, when you think of various ideas, the right business idea or one that fits you will appear.

  1. Research
    Research on this matter is not only limited to looking for ideas from existing business forms. Rather, it is how you can develop these ideas into a unique form of business.

There are several things you can do in researching business ideas, such as learning from other people, reading books, attending webinars, and watching presentations of various inspirational figures, such as talks. In addition, you can also do research by observing the environment around you. You might be able to walk around the house while looking at the habits of the surrounding community and some existing businesses.

  1. Try to match the trend
    This is one method that is widely used by many people. Yep, see the current trend. It’s no secret, generally a trend has various impacts, including business opportunities. For example such as the boba drink trend which in recent years has been loved by many people.

However, the biggest challenge in finding ideas from trends is that you are not alone and there are many people who may have the same ideas as you. This makes it very important to be able to observe trends closely and spot opportunities.

One way that you might be able to use is to try to combine your initial idea with the current trend. It is possible that combining these things can give birth to a unique and out of the box business idea.

  1. Find a business idea from your previous experience or work
    If you have work experience, then you can look for ideas from where you worked before. You can take ideas from the form of business or business being run. Try to find what are the shortcomings and obstacles in the business. Then, what they don’t have in the products they sell. After that, you can become a person who gives things that the business doesn’t have.


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