Five Design Elements for a Healthcare Website

A healthcare website should not just be about delivering information – it should also be beautiful, simple, and easy to navigate. In addition, it should be designed for mobile devices. It should have a strategy for long-form content. Here are five design elements you should consider when creating a healthcare website. These will make your website stand out from the rest, and ensure that visitors will return.

Simple web design

When considering how to design a website for your healthcare practice, there are several things to keep in mind. These tips will help ensure that your website is easy to navigate and offers patients an immersive experience. In addition, healthcare web design should be compatible with mobile devices. Whether your patient is on their smartphone or using a desktop computer, healthcare web design should make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for.

One Medical, for instance, has an excellent website design that focuses on quality medical information. Their website is modern and sleek, featuring a hero slider and a clean layout. In addition, they have a great use of color and custom graphics to draw attention.

ADA compliance

ADA compliance is an important part of designing your healthcare website. Having a website that meets ADA standards will improve your reputation and online presence. It also contributes to your SEO ranking, as search engines consider accessibility when ranking websites. ADA compliance involves not only designing the site for accessibility, but also making it as easy as possible for users with disabilities.

People with visual impairments can find it difficult to read websites that do not provide sufficient contrast. As an example, movie subtitles have a contrast ratio of about 4.5 to 1. The ADA requires websites to be accessible for people with low-vision.

Mobile-friendly design

The benefits of a mobile-friendly healthcare website design can’t be overstated. For one thing, it makes patient health information available anywhere and anytime. Through secure user accounts, patients can access their reports from any device, and a mobile website eliminates the need to mail clinical reports or call customer service to obtain them. This convenience is invaluable for both patients and healthcare providers.

A mobile-friendly healthcare website design must be responsive to different screen sizes. For example, fonts should be at least 14 pixels high, which makes it easier to read on small devices. Additionally, content should be easy to navigate. The user shouldn’t have to scroll through two levels of the website to find the information they’re looking for. With the right design, a mobile-friendly website can set you apart from your competition.

Heart-touching pictures

Health care websites often feature heart-touching pictures. Some healthcare websites feature patient testimonials and stories. Others use images to demonstrate what a doctor can do for a patient. Regardless of the type of health care facility, incorporating heart-touching pictures in the design of your website will help you attract and engage your target audience.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar on a healthcare website design should be as simple as possible. It should only contain a few main items. More than that will make it seem cluttered and confuse users. A healthcare website should also avoid avant-garde design elements or wildly unconventional page structures. It should be straightforward, clean, and contain plenty of white space to funnel visitors to the information they are seeking.

Many of the top healthcare websites use similar features and UI/UX practices. The most important of these is the navigation bar, which allows users to easily access key information. It also allows visitors to quickly search for providers and book an appointment. The navigation bar should be visible above the fold, and users should be able to browse through the services and find the doctors who fit their needs.

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