Get Ready for the Festive Season with These Make Ahead Tips!

With Christmas and Hanukkah quickly approaching, you may be trying to figure out how to get everything ready in time. Decorating the house, shopping for gifts, and preparing lots of food can take up your time in ways you never imagined! This list of seasonal make ahead tips will help you get ready with time to spare so that you can focus on what’s most important—spending time with family and friends! These are some of the best festive season ideas for make ahead.

5 dishes you can prepare in advance

Making your main dishes, stews, and soups in advance is a surefire way to avoid stress during all of those holiday parties. Whether you’re making just enough for one or need to whip up an entire spread, here are some great recipes that can be prepped ahead. The best part? You can store these festive season treats in airtight containers and pop them into your oven later. Baked scallops make a fantastic appetizer on their own or served alongside some Parmesan and crusty bread, while lasagna also travels well and warms up beautifully if you’re low on time after work.

The importance of a well stocked pantry

If you’re anything like me, you love to cook and try new recipes. The only problem is, you never know what to make. That’s why it’s important to have a well stocked pantry at all times. Not only will it help keep your diet interesting, but stocking up before your pantry is bare can save you money on expensive trips to your local grocery store or restaurant. Whether you do most of your cooking on weeknights or like me and prefer entertaining guests with homemade dishes (and cocktails!) on weekends, check out these tips for getting ready for the festive season ahead

The best kitchen gadgets for get ahead party prep

Making it to all of your holiday parties is going to be no easy feat, especially since you’ll likely have more work and school commitments than usual. But what about guests? How can you make sure that there’s enough food at your get-togethers without having to slave away in your kitchen from start to finish? Here are our top tips for getting festive season party prep done while still having time left over to enjoy everything else that comes along with it. Good luck!

7 desserts that look impressive but are easy to make

Can you bring dessert? is an invitation no host wants to receive, especially during festive season. It’s also a mealtime request that every guest dreads. That’s because desserts that look impressive but are easy to make are harder to find than unicorns on a clear night. We don’t want to admit it, but we all want desserts that look amazing and get ooh-and-ahh reactions from guests when they hit the table.

5 festive drinks you can get ready in advance

The festive season is coming up fast, and that means people will be gathering together more often to celebrate. If you’re hosting one of these celebrations and want to focus on having a good time rather than stressing about all of your responsibilities, try preparing one or more drinks in advance. This can not only make life easier during a busy party but also ensure that everyone gets a taste (or three) of some holiday cheer! Try out some (or all!) of these festive recipes below; after all, nothing says holiday like a nice glass (or two) of something hot and tasty.

Festive dinner ideas that work for any occasion

Get ready for Christmas and other festive season parties by planning ahead. Take a look at our make-ahead ideas to help you avoid rushed meals, expensive takeaways and last minute panic—and enjoy your special occasions instead. When everyone is trying to cram all of their family, work and social commitments into Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, there’s no doubt it can get busy. If you’re looking to do something a little different but still feel relaxed when it comes to festive celebrations – why not invite friends over on Christmas Eve or lunch on Boxing Day? This allows you to avoid any extra stress as you’re in control of your menu, decorating etc.

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