Everything You Need to Know Before Switching to Herbal Hair Colours

Dyeing hair is a big step in life for both men and women; however, the thoughts of damaging hair permanently by colouring sometimes stop them from taking this big move. But why get worried when herbal hair colours are here at your rescue? With herbal colour for hair and giving yourself a new look, you can guarantee minimum or zero damage to your hair and the environment. 

However, before switching to herbal hair dyes, you must be aware of related things. If you want to know about them, let’s begin with this guide for herbal colour for hair right now! 

Why is herbal colour the key to natural, healthy, nourishing hair?

  • It is all-natural and chemical-free: Herbal colours do not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic products, such as sulphate, paraben, silicone, etc. These colours get made using all-natural ingredients and leaves of plants, fruits, flowers, etc. Hence, it is safe and has a lower risk of damaging your hair.
  • Treat existing hair issues: Using natural hair colours, you can say goodbye to several existing hair issues, such as dandruff, hair loss, split ends, dryness, frizz, itching, etc. 
  • Great for all hair types: Whether your hair is dry, oily, straight, or curly, you can get a perfect herbal hair colour that suits all hair types. 
  • Excellent for hiding grey hair: Ageing causes grey hair that needs to be hidden naturally to ensure a healthy life for your hair. Using an all-natural formula, herbal hair colours can effectively hide grey hair without any side effects. 
  • Environmental friendly: Herbal hair colours are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Hence, they do not harm nature like products with chemicals.

Common mistakes you should avoid while using a herbal hair colour 

People without knowledge often think that ditching synthetic hair dye and switching to herbal hair is everything they need to maintain good hair health. But, they often fail to get the expected result for unknowingly running the same mistakes with organic colour. Here are the common mistakes you must avoid while using herbal hair colour. 

  1. Using herbal colour on unwashed hair 

A big no! If you have plans to colour your hair with any colour, run and wash your hair and let all the dirt, oil, and sebum out from your scalp. If your hair is dirty and not properly washed, the sebum can sabotage the natural ingredients of the colour from showing an impressive result. You can wash your hair a night before colouring it for the best result. 

  1. Switching to a natural hair dye too fast 

If you have been using nonorganic hair products for a while, herbal hair colour may not suit your hair all of a sudden. Since the previously used products contain paraben, silicones, and other chemicals, your hair may take a few days or months to return to its natural condition. However, if you are not ready to give sufficient transition time to your hair, the colour will not work on them adequately. 

  1. Opting for a lighter shade

If you strive to colour your hair blonde or lighter shades, you may not get a satisfactory result with herbal products. This is because herbal hair colours, natural and organic, do not contain bleach or other harmful chemicals. Hence, these cannot make your hair blonde. In that case, sticking to darker and cool tone shades would be a brilliant choice. 

  1. Not keeping an eye on the materials and consistency 

Again, many people avoid this step and create something either too liquid or too dry with herbal hair colour. Firstly, remember to read the instructions on the package and add water or other ingredients depending on it. Additionally, never use an iron or aluminium bowl to mix the paste since the colour may oxidise and lose its natural trait. Rather prepare this paste inside a glass bowl for the best result. 

  1. Not taking a skin patch test 

Although herbal hair colours never encompass any artificial products or chemicals, they contain several natural products. But the bad news is that different people may have different allergies to natural products, for instance, flowers, plants, etc. So, if you do not do a patch test before applying the colour to your hair, you may get allergic reactions to the herbal colours. So, before everything, apply a bit of colour to your hand and see if everything is alright. Then, wait two days to confirm you are safe from the ingredients inside the product. 


So, what are you waiting for? As you have already collected all essential information and instructions about herbal hair colour, switching to it as quickly as possible would be the best option. Stop putting the toxic and harmful chemicals in your hair immediately, and colour your hair naturally without any potential negative impact.

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