Eligibility Criteria for Law Master’s Degree in Australia


Some of Australia’s most prestigious law schools offer a postgraduate Master of Laws program that can range from one to two years in length. Graduate students pursue it, which provides them with a hands-on grasp of how the legal system functions in a wide variety of countries, topics of study, and industries.

It is prudent to earn an LLM in Australia because it is universally acknowledged and opens doors for students to work in any part of the world. Because of the impending removal of travel restrictions for international students who have received all necessary vaccinations on December 1, now is the perfect time to think about enrolling in a Master of Laws program in Australia.

Australia is the third most sought-after place for foreign students who are looking to study in an English-speaking nation, and it is home to some of the greatest universities in the world. This is one of the many reasons why LLM study in Australia is becoming increasingly popular.

Civil law, labor law, and intellectual property rights are just some of the LLM specializations that are accessible to students in Australia, but there are many more to select from.

Because these programs are recognized internationally by countries such as the United States of America, India, and Canada, you will be able to practice law anywhere in the world after completing your LLM in Australia. This is an additional significant advantage of earning your LLM in Australia.

Australian institutions that offer LLMs have a heavy emphasis on both theories and practice, and they provide students with opportunities to get real-world experience by participating in moot court contests, going on field trips, and interning.

By taking part in internships and other student students made available by a variety of institutions in Australia, you will have the opportunity to get valuable practical experience.

Australia makes it easy for students from other countries to get student visas and gives a variety of post-study possibilities for those who do so.

Due to the large number of people of different nations and cultures who make Australia their home, the country of Australia possesses a significant amount of linguistic and cultural diversity.

Australia has one of the warmest climates, a fantastic outdoor lifestyle, and a stunning landscape to complement these attributes.

The Process of Making an Application

The months of February and July are the most common times for students to begin their LLM studies in Australian universities. If you want to go to school in Australia, getting a head start on the application process is the quickest way to get ahead of the other students who have the same goal.

Your English test scores and statement of purpose (SOP) aren’t the only parts of your application that need to shine; to get into one of Australia’s prestigious law schools, your entire application has to be exceptional. Our experts at LiveWebTutors Law Assignment Help Australia are here to assist you in gaining admission to the institution of your choice. Take special care to ensure that you fulfill all of the deadlines and correctly fill out the application. The application procedure must be completed before the following dates:

Eligibility for the LLM in Australia

A minimum of two years of professional experience that can be proved to be relevant

A legal degree is required by some educational institutions (LLB, Juris Doctor, or equivalent).

Fluency in the English language (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)

Required materials and the application form

Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

Mark papers and certificates for grades X and XII that has been signed and dated by the student.

A passport

A Resume

An endorsement letter

A proclamation of goals and aspirations

A copy of the results of any of the following exams: IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE

Documentation attesting to a minimum of two years of relevant experience

Australia’s student visa scheme

When compared to other countries, Australia makes it simpler to get a Subclass 500 student visa, which is also known as a study permit. You will be eligible for a study visa as soon as you enroll in a course that requires you to study full-time. The extreme period of legitimacy is five years. Documentation confirming the applicant’s identity, evidence of the applicant’s ability to communicate in English, and documentation that the applicant is enrolled in an

educational institutions in Australia are all required.

Certified academic transcripts

Current passport-size pictures

Documentation that the funds are legitimate

Health insurance that is accepted in Australia

Previous arrests and convictions, if any

The fee of the visa must be paid.

Additional prerequisites imposed by the educational institution

Various Master of Laws Programs Available in Australia

After obtaining your master’s degree, you will be able to investigate a variety of career opportunities and submit an application for a work visa. You might work in the legal industry as a legal assistant, barrister, solicitor, or intellectual property attorney, among other possible jobs. There is a possibility that your annual income might fall anywhere between 40,000 and 80,000 Australian Dollars.

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