Electric Smoker Tips for Begginers & Experts

Electric Smoker Tips for Begginers & Experts

Maybe you just bought an electric smoker.Or you’ve heard how convenient they are and are considering purchasing one for yourself. 

1. Ditch the chip tray

If you own an electric smoker, you’re probably aware of how inconvenient and, frankly, inadequate chip trays can be. 

2. Don’t oversmoke your food

When it comes to smoking, remember that more is not always better.
In general, it is surprising how little smoke is required to produce excellent flavour.

While there will be a time of experimenting (which is half the fun), keep in mind that over-smoked food, particularly chicken, can turn almost inedible. 

3. Smoke chicken on a hotter setting

Chicken isn’t a meat that should be cooked “low and slow.”
In reality, the ideal temperature for smoking chicken is roughly 275°F.
The cooking time should be between 1 12 and 2 hours.

4. Learn how to control temperature swings

The temperature inside an electric smoker is notorious for’swinging’ at the start of a smoke. This can sometimes be up to 20°F above or below the stated temperature.

To understand how to regulate these fluctuations, first consider why they occur.

Set your cooker to a specific temperature, like 220°F, and the temperature will climb until it reaches this point. Once this temperature is achieved, the heating element will turn off; but, due to a tiny lag, the internal temperature in the cooker will continue to rise on its own for some time.  To more Info Click Here

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