Does Facebook engagement on the market somewhere?

In addition, on January 12th, 2018, Facebook changed its goalposts, announcing that users’ Facebook News Feeds will prioritize interactions between users. You’ll notice more posts from loved ones and your family and fewer posts from brands and companies. The following is Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s complete announcement. This is a bad thing for Facebook pages, but Facebook remains a vast opportunity (which I’ve explained in greater detail in the document (see the link below).

When you’ve experienced the shock that came with this announcement, and these numbers have set into your mind, I’m guessing that you’ll be experiencing one or more of these emotions:

  • Anger – “these people followed my page so surely I should have the right to ‘post’ to them?”
  • Relieved The relief. “Phew, thank goodness it’s not my fault that I’m not getting much engagement on my posts; at least I’m not doing anything wrong.”
  • In defeat – “Well in that situation, I might decide to give up right now.”
  • Rebellion Revolt “Right I’m just going to bombard my Facebook page with as much stuff as I can – and hope that at least some of it gets through.” (please do not attempt this method as we’ll discuss the reasons later.)
  • Fury Anger “OK, if that’s the case, then what the h*ll am I supposed to do about it?”

Do not build a residence on rental property.

I frequently quote this quote, particularly when it comes to social media. It’s existed since the inception of Web 2.0 and described the shift towards an ‘interactive web with user-generated content as well as the rise of the social web. The basic idea is that internet users, that is. We can create and publish dynamically content instead of clicking on the buttons of websites and filling in the odd form click here.

However, that’s a sign that we’ve spent quite a bit of time and, often also, lots of money on things we don’t own, such as the content we post on Facebook. The issue is that we don’t control our Facebook page, but Facebook does. If they decide to shut down Facebook tomorrow night for good, the content we’ve put into it and published, as well as the hard-earned followers and fans, would disappear. It’s like building a home on land we do not own. If the landowner wants to take their property back, goodbye home!

OK, it’s unlikely Facebook will go up in a blaze or puffs of smoke (although with Trump in charge, it’s likely). However, it’s something we need to be aware of. Facebook has constantly been changing its platform for several months, and it’s required to ensure that advertisers continue spending money and that we enjoy the best user experience Facebook provides; however, no one knows what’s coming soon.

It’s not about deleting the Facebook page as it’s like cutting our noses off to smear our faces. However, it is using Facebook to create actual leads, i.e., gathering our email addresses. It also has a significant benefit that we should capitalize on. It’s fantastic to let someone get to know you and establish deeper relationships with those we may never encounter. And that’s what we should be focusing our efforts on (and in addition, it’s something we, as health professionals, are best suited for doing).

The Facebook “gold rush.”

Facebook is an enormous chance. Your clients are there even if you don’t like it personally (I admit sometimes).

If you’re skeptical, take a look at these numbers. Facebook is home to greater than 2.07 billion active users as of 2017.

But the most significant possibility is the possibility of getting to them. And we’ll be able to reach these people in the most precise and targeted method ever imagined, all while sitting in front of an electronic device, possibly hundreds of miles from them.

I wrote a short, relatively simple article that will show how effective Facebook advertisements can be when they are used as part of a more comprehensive marketing plan; however, I’m confident that I’ll write many more articles over the next year since it’s a ‘now and then’ possibility. We don’t know what the future will bring, mainly when changes are happening at a breakneck pace in the digital age; however, right now is the time to expand your business, and especially for local businesses marketing on Facebook is perhaps the most effective one-stop solution available to you.

Don’t chase the incorrect target!

Most people are focused on creating followers. However, it’s not the followers important. It’s the relationships and engagement.

Consider it logically If we have a few followers who are highly active (meaning they comment, like, and, most importantly, tweet about your blog posts), They could significantly impact the spread and reach of your content more than an audience who is entirely unengaged, and might be in the 1000s.

This is a vast subject we’ll be discussing in greater depth shortly. However, the first tip I’d like to offer is to begin focusing on establishing engagement and building relationships.

The more people interact with your posts, the higher the likelihood it will be shared on walls (the changes may be invisible to the human eye, and they might not occur quickly, but they’re part of Facebook’s algorithm, and over time the impact will increase).

If more people share and your engagement grows, the content you share will be noticed by many more people. This can increase the possibility of engagement. This, in turn, will lead to more followers.

The issue is that creating the right kind of engagement is difficult. Hard. In reality, most of the time, it’s likely to feel entirely far away or away. You don’t even see it – that’s why many get caught in the trap of looking only at the numbers of followers.


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