Why Deku is the Most Complete Hero in My Hero Academia

When you look at the complete picture of Izuku Midoriya. Aka Deku, you can see how much he has grown as a character since his debut in 2014’s. Hit shounen manga My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi. And while he’s one of the main characters and can be considered an ideal role model. There are still some questions regarding his place within the series that need to be addressed. Here are three reasons why Deku is the most complete hero in My Hero Academia.

The world of My Hero Academia’

The Series by Kohei Horikoshi has an eclectic cast of heroes with a wide variety of powers. One of these heroes, Midoriya Izuku (Deku), has been called the most complete hero. What makes him stand out so much? The answer lies within his abilities and how they interact with his core characteristics. Let’s take a look at what makes him so special and why I believe he really is one of My Hero Academia’s most complete characters.

The students at UA High School

There’s a reason why All Might, by his own admission, doesn’t use One For All at 100% capacity. The more he uses his Quirk, it becomes less effective over time because it accelerates musculoskeletal degeneration. Essentially, he could become completely incapacitated. In spite of that knowledge and experience. Deku has been training to master One For All—even if it means risking his future. He’s aware of everything that comes with using a Quirk like One For All—the risks and sacrifices required to use it to its full potential are great. That level of foresight is rare among Quirked individuals.

What makes Izuku Midoriya so unique?

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, shows us just how complete a hero can be. In his short time as a U.A. student. He has quickly become one of the best at showcasing what it means to be a hero and we see him grow into his powers very organically—even though. They aren’t always stable (to say it nicely). If you pay attention to his fights throughout MHA. You can see that he is constantly adapting—using whatever power he has at that moment. As each fight unfolds and Izuku finds himself falling behind against his opponent(s). He comes up with new ways to use some aspect of his Quirk to help him win even if it doesn’t look like he will.

Facing his fears

Throughout Season 1, Deku was afraid to embrace his Quirk because he knew that it would endanger himself and those around him. But instead of running away from danger, he’s run towards it. He actively searches for new challenges to test himself. Such as all-out sparring matches with other heroes. Or facing villains head on rather than using his powers to defend others from afar. As a result of his bravery and selflessness. Not only has Deku grown as a person but he’s become a true hero. Who cares about more than just saving one life at a time. Plus, with increased confidence comes increased power!

Midoriya’s journey to becoming a hero

First off, let’s examine Midoriya’s journey to becoming a hero. We see his passion for being a hero since he was young. There was a fire incident at his home and after that, he starts taking martial arts classes. This really shows that he truly wants to become a hero because if it wasn’t for him saving people in these situations. He would have never thought of saving people with his power. Now there are some issues with Deku but don’t we all have one? For example, it’s unfair that All Might could get more credit than Midoriya and his hero academia classmates even though they are equal!

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