Christian Nurse To Sue Portman Clinic As Course Said Bible Was Racist

One in all Britain’s main mental well being clinics may face legal motion after telling a scholar therapist to watch lectures saying that white persons are unconsciously racist, that Christianity is a racist religion, and that the Bible can be blamed for racism because it contrasts ‘darkness’ and ‘gentle’.

Amy Gallagher, a mental well being nurse from south London, has spent more than £20,000 coaching to grow to be a psychotherapist on a course run by the prestigious Portman Clinic in North London, a part of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

But now the 33-yr-old is preparing a legal case, saying she believes the Trust is responsible of religious and racial discrimination towards her as a white Christian.

Ms Gallagher says that senior members of the Tavistock Trust finally threatened her with suspension from her final 12 months of the clinical qualification and, because the dispute escalated, recommended that her profession as a psychotherapist could be at risk.

Amy Gallagher (above), a Christian from South London, is making ready legal action in opposition to the Portman Clinic in North London, part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, over what she feels was religious and racial discrimination in a course she undertook during clinical coaching in psychotherapy

She said: ‘On the premise of my expertise there, what they describe as anti-racism is racism. What they describe as tolerance is an intolerance of anyone who thinks otherwise to them.

‘Left unchallenged, such institutional bullying will only be emboldened.

‘I really feel captivated with this. I hope my case will prove that teaching these discriminatory concepts – as though they’re factual and true – inside the NHS or within academia is unsuitable.’

She says that, if she is successful, she may also seek undisclosed damages for distress, which she says led to a deterioration in her mental well being and made her consider quitting the course. Her makes an attempt to question the course content material, she says, had been dismissed as ‘indignant’ and ‘vexatious’ – which she denies.

Ms Gallagher says it is especially concerning that radical identity politics are actually ‘leaking into the health service’.

This weekend she launched a crowdfunding marketing campaign, called Stand Up to Woke, to help pay for her authorized battle towards the Tavistock Trust, which she plans to sue for racial and religious discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Ms Gallagher claims she was instructed to watch lectures and skim essays that branded Christianity a racist religion and blamed the Bible for racism because of references to ‘darkness’ and ‘mild’

This weekend, Ms Gallagher launched a crowdfunding marketing campaign she has referred to as Stand As much as Woke to help pay for her legal battle towards the Trust, which she plans to sue for racial and religious discrimination, harassment and bullying

Ms Gallagher, who has worked for seven years, enrolled on the Portman Clinic’s D59F Forensic Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course in September 2020 to finish her clinical training. She had already accomplished the Tavistock’s foundation psychotherapy course.

She had initially enjoyed the 2-yr, part-time course, which will qualify her to set up her personal personal psychotherapy apply.

But Ms Gallagher turned involved when, in November, college students have been given a obligatory lecture on race and racism by forensic psychoanalyst Dr Anne Aiyegbusi.

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She said: ‘The lecturer spoke negatively about Christianity, while no different religions were talked about. Once i questioned this, I used to be instructed the Trust sees Christianity as responsible for racism as a result of it is European.

‘That’s after i began to feel as though I wasn’t welcome on the course and that i wasn’t comfy with these ideas.’

Ms Gallagher, led neon flex a church-goer, claims the lecture was ‘politically biased’, and had ‘little or no reference to psychotherapy’.

Days later, she and different college students were asked to attend a free public seminar on-line by Jungian psychoanalyst Helen Morgan, known as Whiteness: A problem for Our Time which concluded, amongst other issues, that white people are unconsciously racist as a matter in fact.

Ms Gallagher, 33, enrolled on the Portman Clinic’s Forensic Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course in September 2020 to finish clinical coaching that will qualify her to arrange a psychotherapy practice. (Above, the Portman Clinic in north London)

The lecture, examining ‘white privilege and white fragility’, is still promoted on the Tavistock’s web site as a ‘centenary policy seminar’.

The net description stated: ‘This presentation is rooted within the assumption that the problem of racism is a problem of whiteness and that an examination of this construct of whiteness needs to be central to searching for a solution to this destructive dynamic.’

It added: ‘The color-blind method and the silencing means of disavowal that develops in the childhood of white liberal households are a means of maintaining white privilege and racism.’

At a gathering together with her course leader Ms Gallagher defined she didn’t consider herself racist and that she took a ‘colour-blind’ method, that means she did not choose folks by their skin color.

Ms Gallagher claims she was instructed that such a color-blind method is now ‘outdated’.

Ms Gallagher then filed a formal complaint to the Tavistock Trust in January final year [2021].

She said: ‘I began to really feel I used to be essentially being asked to subscribe to a racist ideology – that you need to imagine these radical ideas to grow to be a psychotherapist.’

The Trust eventually apologised in writing for the ‘upset and unease’ she had experienced and requested a senior member of the belief’s training department, Esther Usiskin-Cohen, to research.

Ms Gallagher met Ms Usiskin-Cohen and set out her complaint again, explaining that the stress had brought on her to shed pounds and have hassle sleeping.

Following the meeting, the Tavistock provided Ms Gallagher help by way of the belief’s Student Advice and Consultation Service and its Care First helpline.

Then in March final yr Ms Gallagher was directed in the direction of one other text on the course studying record, referred to as ‘The Criminalisation of Blackness’.

Ms Gallagher stated the text, by Maxine Dennis, contained what amounted in her view to ‘additional discriminatory anti-white and anti-Christian content’.

Ms Gallagher, who is still on the course, says she is worried that radical id politics are ‘leaking into the well being service’

Gallagher stated of the reading: ‘It talked in regards to the Bible’s use of the words mild and dark and stated this causes individuals to be racist in their unconscious. If you have any kind of concerns regarding where and how you can use led wall washer, you can call us at our site. The use of light and darkish is used in all major world religions and there is no such thing as a proof the Bible’s use of those phrases causes racism.

‘Again, to me, it was Christianity being singled out as a religion.’

Then in May last year, Ms Gallagher received a letter from the Tavistock’s deputy director of training, Elisa Reyes-Simpson, elevating issues over her ‘vexatious’ conduct.

The letter warned that she may very well be suspended from the course. It added: ‘Any adverse student conduct finding might also give rise to questions relating to your suitability to follow and will have implications to your skill to acquire skilled registration.’

Ms Gallagher said: ‘To be told I might not be capable of develop into a psychotherapist because I don’t think Christianity is a racist religion and I do not think all white people are racist is quite extreme. They’re essentially saying my views are inappropriate but they won’t say why.’

A spokesperson for the Tavistock declined to touch upon Ms Gallagher’s claims in detail, saying: ‘This matter has been addressed via our formal complaints process which has now concluded.’

Throughout the dispute it has insisted that students on the psychotherapy course should study their very own ‘irrational unconscious beliefs and bias’ to be ready to assist patients. This is a standard approach in the sphere.

Toby Young (above) from the Free Speech Union said: ‘This is a chief example of the wokeness that is endemic across the upper training sector, depicting whiteness as the root of all evil

The Tavistock Trust is also clear about its goal to turn into an ‘anti-racist organisation’ by means of a Race Equality Strategy that was first introduced in 2017 and relaunched final spring.

The Trust’s March 2021 newsletter said: ‘The differential affect of Covid-19 on completely different ethnic teams, as effectively as the killing of George Floyd within the US and the prominence of the Black Lives Matter motion, have further uncovered the depth of systemic racism within our society and the establishments inside it.’

It added: ‘We’re looking for to carry a mirror up to our organisation. We want this evaluation to go beyond our present approaches and work with organisation to come up with a transparent technique to vary the tradition of the organisation and hold us to account.’

The Trust revealed its last investigation report into Ms Gallagher’s complaints in October 2021.

The report mentioned that Anne Aiyegbusi realised her lecture had been ‘intense’, but mentioned it was ‘undeniable’ that ‘Europe within the name of Christianity was instrumental within the racism, slavery and colonialism that has a linear connection to what we see in the present day in forensic companies’. It also upheld the Trust’s view that Ms Gallagher had been ‘excessively. Inappropriately confrontational’ when elevating her concerns with the course.

It denied that her development on the course had been compromised by her views but said there had been ‘concern’ for her ‘capacity for learning turning into restricted’.

The Mail on Sunday knows of no related complaints in opposition to the course.

However the Trust found Ms Gallagher should receive an apology for the letter sent on May 07 by the Tavistock’s deputy director of training, Elisa Reyes-Simpson, as a result of there had been a delay in sending the letter that had brought on ‘confusion and alarm’.

It additionally mentioned Ms Reyes-Simpson ought to initiate a overview of the student conduct considerations process.

Toby Young from the Free Speech Union stated: ‘That is a main example of the wokeness that is endemic across the upper training sector, depicting whiteness as the root of all evil.

‘All publicly funded establishments have a legal duty not to create a hostile surroundings for folks in virtue of their protected traits, together with religion and belief, so I suspect Amy has a robust case. I applaud her courage.’

Ms Gallagher stated: ‘Within the investigation report, I used to be advised I was the problem and that I wanted to interrogate whiteness.

‘At no level have they apologised for telling me that Christianity is a racist religion. I’m searching for an apology for their discriminatory views and they haven’t executed that.

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