Changes in Health and Mental Condition In 2020

With the advent of Covid 19, a lot of things have changed so far. People now prefer an online visit to the doctors instead of going out. If we take the record from the year 2021, sadly there is an increase of about 70% in online visits. In turn, the decline in primary visits has declined by 28%. It’s quite dangerous to know about the drop in-office visits by 80%. All of these changes have a strong relationship to the covid 19 in 2020. This is because of clear differences in the ratio of mental and physical issues increasing with 2020.

Let’s talk about one country or a city to get more accurate results, for instance Canada. According to the research, the pandemic has affected people not only physically, but mentally too. Mental health has dropped to 55% which was 68% before the pandemic. There can be several reasons for this decline as fake scenarios revolving around the internet were enough to disturb the mental well-being of especially youngsters using the internet. The problems which entered include several disorders including anxiety, depression, and eating disorders too. The ratio of suicide attempts also increased in 2020.

We are going to find out the difference in the ratio of Canadians’ well-being before and after the advent of Covid 19.

Mental Wellbeing.

If we analyze the sudden drastic change in the minds and bodies of people in 2020, reasons must come up related to their lives. We all know about the increase in the death rate because of covid as it’s quite dangerous if you got it, but what about the increase in deaths because of suicide and depression? Not only this, eating disorders are one of them.

Hamilton is a Canadian city people love to visit on their vacations as it offers a lot of exhilarating activities to do. In addition to this, its street food and restaurants are larger in number. Food can also be the main reason behind eating disorders as we analyzed comments about restaurants. Some customers commented about the quality of restaurants causing them to get sick or have other health problems. Despite this, Twice the deal Hamilton and some other restaurants managed to keep serving quite safe and healthy food to customers. But the reality is being too obsessed with fast food and wine.

Covid 19 tied us in our homes which affected everyone’s routine. Especially the teenage and young ones as they were more habitual to stay with their friends or hang out outside. The sudden change to their daily routines caused a mental breakdown. It made them think unnecessary stuff which kept poisoning their minds. This is the reason why we found increased suicide attempt cases in the McMaster Children’s Hospital. Although it’s quite unbelievable, 2020 tripled the number of suicide cases as compared to 2019. Not only this, it’s heartbreaking to find out how eating disorders reached 90% in just a four months period. This is very dangerous to believe but someone less than other cities of Canada.

Let’s take out some of the most destructive factors causing these serious situations.

Isolation and Loneliness.

No doubt, everyone loves family. Everyone loves to be with family. What does it feel like to be without them, without seeing your children, parents, and loved ones? This was surely not so easy. It required much patience and a strong heart to go through this. Some did, but ones who couldn’t fail in the race of life. In covid 19 period, everyone was caught in his or her own home like slaves. This isolation was eating them day by day and no one who was there to be with them were living alone at that time which made them lose their hope, mental well-being, and happiness.

Family issues.

Now, this is the quite opposite situation of the former one. People living in a joint family had other issues regarding family tension. These issues arise because of spending the whole day at home. When you stay free for a long time, you have more chances of getting into some unnecessary quarrels which again has a negative impact on both young and children.

Online Class Difficulty.

It is seen that most intelligent students lost their grades when it came to the online teaching system. It aroused anxiety and depression in most of the students. The reason is difficulty in understanding lessons through online teaching. Because of dropped grades and difficulty in studies, numerous students were tangled by anxiety and depression leading them to serious suicide attempts.

Delays In Serious Diseases Treatment.

You may wonder how Covid 19 caused an increase in death by other diseases too. Let’s figure it out. In most developing countries not being ready to treat a large group of people suddenly, caused delays in the treatment of some serious conditions. This is because of the lack of space, beds, and machinery. Just like that Hamilton reported about a 17% drop in cancer surgeries. Cancer screening programs and surgeries were not treated on the spot in 2020.

The saddest part was the decrease in checkups for colorectal and breast cancer despite the fact that if left unchecked for 6 months, it can cause additional 3000 cases and 1,200 deaths in the coming eight years. This radical change took just four months as in January 2020 about 1,231 patients were checked for cancer which dropped to 321 in May 2020. Can we feel the condition of people struggling at that time? This shows how much able a country is to support its nationals.

Not Visiting Hospitals Or Doctors.

One of the most important parts is the fear of visiting a hospital. We all know how serious it could be to interact with someone suffering from the corona. This was the main fear everyone was going through. Seeing a large number of people dying in hospitals every day of covid 19 left others with a sense of tension, anxiety, and depression that stopped them from visiting hospitals and doctors. They were unaware of risking life by taking the symptoms of other diseases for granted. According to the Hamilton Health Science report, over 5000 people missed their appointments for cancer checkups.

Final Verdict.

The challenging period of Covid 19, especially 2020 was no doubt devastative, but it taught us a lot. It teaches us to be patient first. Moreover, it can be a warning for developing countries to get ready for future emergencies.

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