Canvas prints are made by printing a photo directly onto a canvas

The Refine

Canvas prints are made by printing an image straight onto a canvas, which is after that extended or twisted around a frame– either covering the picture around the stretchers or using a white or tinted border. Canvas gallery covers can be made to bespoke dimensions– implying that, huge or small, completion outcome will certainly be a truly specific print. Canvas prints can be safeguarded by a UV laminate prior to they’ve twisted around the wooden frame. Acrylic photo printing involves printing onto photo paper and best canvas prints also sandwiching between two sheets of 5mm acrylic. The back sheet of acrylic can be black, white or transparent, relying on which finest fits the style of the image. Aluminium standoffs are used to connect the acrylic frame to the wall, offering it visual deepness.


Acrylic photo prints are created utilizing 2 distinct processes. The first procedure prints your image straight onto the acrylic as well as seals it with a white back layer. The 2nd, described as face place, prints the photo onto paper and also after that is sandwiched behind the acrylic.

Canvas prints are made by printing your photo directly onto a canvas, which is after that extended and also secured around a wooden frame. Conversely, you can choose your custom-made photo presents to be placed within a frame.

Decisions, Decisions

When making a decision which kind of treatment will certainly best canvas prints boost your custom-made photo gifts, take the complying with right into account:


In terms of presenting your last product, it’s important to consider the visual you’re intending for. To attain a streamlined as well as modern look, acrylic printing gives dynamic as well as sharp images. While it’s still not as widely used as canvas printing, acrylic photo printing remains to grow in appeal– and is specifically vital for specialists that put a good deal of value in discussion. Canvas printing, nevertheless, produces a distinctive surface to give your print an extra traditional as well as authentic appearance. Canvases are the even more preferred selection in indoor design as well as residence design, supplying a simple as well as cost effective method to display prints. Acrylics, on the other hand, are often used in an extra business setting– particularly in workplace as well as reception areas.


What are the characteristics of the area in which your brand-new print will hang? Exists a great deal of light? Just how is the area used? What kind of enhancing design is currently dominant?A midtown loft space with great deals of light and also big rooms offers a perfect backdrop for an acrylic print to radiate. For areas with suppressed lights or a relaxed feel, a canvas print is possibly the better choice. A rustic cabin in the timbers would flawlessly balance out a canvas print of any type of size.

Color Vibrancy

Where vibrancy is concerned, acrylic prints have an edge on canvas printing– with the face place choice making the most of the reflective quality of acrylic. Because no light travel through an acrylic print, deep, abundant colors have the ability to maintain their vibrancy. In canvas printing, on the various other hand, more shade needs to be added to assure the ideal ink protection, which indicates that detailing can be lost.


As has been mentioned, acrylic prints provide a benefit over canvas prints when it pertains to color sharpness, which can enhance image vibrancy. This is in part sustained by the reflective surface area of acrylic prints. It restricts light travelling through the surface area of the print, which in turn ensures image colors have the ability to preserve their sharpness when being viewed from all sides of the print.

On canvas prints, the printing process will certainly focus on adding more color in order to achieve the most effective color coverage for the picture being used. This is the key method printers make certain that image describing is not lost. At Canvas Factory our printers are masters at this process, making sure ink spread across the canvas is accomplished every time. This will make certain that the last ended up print looks exactly like your vibrant picture.


Often occasions happen. If your print is going in a game room, class, or someplace where it will need to withstand life’s hard knocks, acrylic is the way to go.The inherent qualities protect your photo from wetness, UV rays, as well as unintentional knocks. Canvas is better fit to more peaceful locations in your house, as it can succumb rips or frame damage. Canvas prints, nonetheless, trigger much less civilian casualties if the unthinkable occurs.


Generally, both the UV security as well as laminate used to canvas prints ensures that the surface of the prints is shielded from the bumps as well as scrapes that can take place when you’re moving your images around your home or office. The laminate also provides water damage defense, while permitting you to still be able to clean the canvas with a moist cloth. The robustness of the canvas material, combined with the surface treatment used makes certain that you will obtain 70+ years of top quality out of a good canvas print.

Acrylic prints on the other hand, by the nature of the printing process and also surface, used, use a lot more protective benefits and long life for your photo. The toughness of the surface makes certain that they are immune to a lot of breaks as well as scrapes, while still being light sufficient to relocate around any room without issue. Comparable to canvas prints they are likewise moisture immune and simple to tidy with a moist cloth, while likewise being resistant to damage from sunlight.


If you must bring your prints with you, canvas prints are prepared to road-trip. Light-weight as well as simple to display, canvas has the benefit over acrylics, which are naturally larger as well as typically need sturdy mounts. Take into consideration the difference in weight if your art is being shipped, particularly globally. We provide rolled canvas prints simply for this scenario!

Your Budget

Undoubtedly, canvas beats acrylic for price. Canvas prints give beauty as well as design for a portion of the price of acrylic photo printings since of the distinctions in products as well as processing.If you are aiming to optimize your art budget, picking canvas will allow you a lot more art for your dollar. That stated, the rate tag on acrylic prints is an investment in your artwork. It might be the only method to visit obtain the optimal appearance for that stunning photo.

We recommend you try both canvas prints or acrylic prints as well as see which one you drop in love with.Variety is the spice of life, after all

Bottom line

To conclude, the print kind you choose will rely on your picture, your spending plan and your unique design choices.

Canvas prints provide a much more classic, yet functional consider an economical rate. Canvas prints are a lasting item. They are robust and also will still mirror the top quality of the photo put on the material, consisting of richness of shade. A canvas print from Canvas Factory will likewise be with you for over 70 years without fading in picture top quality.

And a fourth 6x6 canvas #mixedmedia #workinprogress with a… | FlickrAcrylic prints job wonderfully as a modern-style print that showcases highly-detailed or highly-saturated images. They’re available at a premium rate, yet the price is warranted based on the surface, deepness and intensity you will certainly obtain with your last photo– along with an extended product life. Which print will you select? Surf our array today to choose!

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