Brand Strategy and Its Utilization in Social Media

Although social media platforms have many diverse followers from various ages, genders, and backgrounds, not all of them can be targeted by consumers. This is because each age group has different problems so that they have different solutions. One of the goals for creating a social media brand account is to introduce your product to a wider range of consumers who are not familiar with your product through social media.

So you will get consumers who come from outside the city which of course will increase the number of sales drastically. However, to build brand awareness, the right strategy is also needed so that consumers get to know your product with its characteristics. First you can build a campaign related to your product and consumers.

One of them is creating a campaign to keep your skin healthy using the body care products you have. Having loyal customers can not only be built in the blink of an eye, but also requires the right approach to reach consumers so that they are interested in knowing and buying your products.

The first way you can do is to actively reply to various comments and incoming messages in a pleasant language style so that consumers are interested in interacting with you next. You can also re-upload shared review content created by consumers to invite other consumers to do the same activity.

Creating interactive content that can provoke reactions can also be the right strategy to build a strong community. Once you have enough and active fans and followers, you can build special mentions as a sign that these followers are part of your product.

Doing a survey about the right community name will help consumers feel involved in your travel process. At certain moments you can do special activities that are followed by consumers while inviting some of their favorite influencers to get closer to each other. This can be supported by interesting educational content and open consumer insight.

For example, teenagers at school age don’t need premature aging products as well as adults who don’t really need cute school equipment. So it is important for you to identify the target audience so that you can create content that suits the consumers you want to target.


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