Best time to post on TikTok for more views and likes

If you’re looking for inspiration or to grow your TikTok fanbase, check out our blog for some great social media video ideas. If you’re not getting enough views on TikTok, it may be the result of your followers not engaging with your content immediately after posting. Freshly posted videos are first presented to a small group of users that also includes your followers. If the engagement rate is low, TikTok won’t promote your video any further.

In relation to age, TikTok users are more young people than adults, as shown below. Once your audience has done their part and has dropped a comment on your video, do not forget to reply to them. So don’t ever let your audience have just a monologue with themselves in the comments section if you want to get more views on TikTok. One way to do that is by making some parts of the video such that they need to be rewatched.

Hence, you should use extremely targeted hashtags relevant to the type of video you post to get more views on TikTok. You can use your insights and knowledge to post videos your audience will engage with. And that’s how you can go viral and get more views on TikTok using analytics. Video is the most engaging content type on every social media platform, so if you can, it’s a good idea to create at least some form of video content to maximize engagement. With an engaged following on one or more of the major social networks, brands can effectively spread the word about campaigns, new initiatives, and new products and services.

Next, you will want to test adding promotional offers to TikTok video ads and content. Emphasizing an offer, whether it’s a seasonal discount or a promotional code, can boost impressions. Generally, brands should keep videos short, but it’s vital to test different lengths against your TikTok performance metrics.

Posting consistently can boost the chance for your TikTok video to appear on other users’ feeds. The feature allows newer brands to hop on existing trends for better exposure, while more established brands can collaborate with TikTok stars and encourage users to create content. Features like stitching or dueting viral videos work similar to influencer marketing and are another great way to get more engagement. With the TikTok algorithm that prioritizes personalization for each user, adding #hashtags can boost your discovery to reach people with relevant interests. Research popular trends and create a consistent posting schedule to get your initial views. There’s no specific number of hashtags to use on TikTok, but it’s recommended to add no more than 7 of them to stick to one topic.

Moreover, if you’re looking for popular hashtags to use, you can hop to your Discover tab and see what’s trending. As far as quantity goes, anywhere from three to five hashtags per post is usually more than enough to get the recommendation system on the right track. TikTok is a short video media platform where viewers like to watch clips that are short and to the point. Read more about buy tiktok followers instantly here. If you utilize all the seconds provided and create a longer video that doesn’t provide much value, people will scroll past.

Once you have their attention with a strong opening, keep the video short. Even though the platform allows for 60 seconds, aim for under 30 seconds if possible. According to the latest video marketing statistics, 33% of viewers ditch a video after the first 30 seconds, so this is a good benchmark for length.

In fact, 32% of Twitter users now expect a response within just 30 minutes. Follow up with entrants who don’t win – Send them a thank you for participating, along with something about your brand/organization’s work. Promote it everywhere – Use your website, email list, and other social networks to drum up participation.

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