Best ethical hacking tools for hacking audits

Automation has left its mark on every industry, and the realm of ethical hacking is no different. With the emergence of various tools in the ethical hacking industry, it has been transformed. Ethical hacking tools help gather information, create backdoors and payloads, crack passwords, and a variety of other activities. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 ethical hacking tools till 2022:


Acunetix is ​​an automated web application security testing ethical hacking tool. It is utilized to review your web applications for weaknesses, for example, SQL Infusion, cross-webpage prearranging, and different weaknesses exploitable in moral hacking. As a general rule, Acunetix checks any site or web application that can be gotten to through an internet browser and utilizations the HTTP/HTTPS convention.

Acunetix offers a solitary, hearty answer for dissecting standard and custom web applications, including those utilizing JavaScript, AJAX Web Applications, and Web 2.0. Acunetix has a high level scanner that can track down practically any document. It is important because what is not found cannot be verified.


Nmap, short for Network Mapper, is a reconnaissance ethical hacking tool widely used by ethical hackers to gather information about a target system. This information is key to deciding the steps to take to attack the target system. Nmap is cross-platform and works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It has gained immense popularity in the hacker community due to its ease of use and powerful searching and scanning capabilities.

Using Nmap you can:

  • Audit device security for ethical hacking
  • Detect open ports on remote hosts
  • Network mapping and enumeration
  • Find vulnerabilities within any network
  • Launch bulk DNS queries against domains and subdomains


Metasploit is an open source penetration testing framework written in Ruby. It acts as a public resource for researching security vulnerabilities and developing code. This allows a network administrator to go into their own network to identify security risks and logo metasploit – ethical hacking tools – edureka to document which vulnerabilities need to be addressed first. It is also one of the few ethical hacking tools used by beginner hackers to practice their skills. This ethical hacking tool allows you to replicate websites for phishing and other social engineering purposes. The framework includes a set of security tools that can be used to;

  • Evade detection systems
  • Run security vulnerability scans
  • Execute remote attacks
  • List networks and hosts

Supported platforms include:

  • Mac OSX
  • Linux
  • Windows


Wireshark is free, open source software that allows you to analyze network traffic in real time. Thanks to its sniffing technology, Wireshark is widely known for its ability to detect security problems on any network, as well as its effectiveness in solving general network problems. While filtering the organization, it can capture and peruse the outcomes in a comprehensible configuration, making it simple to distinguish expected issues (like low idleness), dangers, and weaknesses.

Main features:

  • Save analysis for offline inspection
  • package browser
  • Powerful graphical user interface
  • Full VoIP Analysis
  • Inspect and uncompress gzip files
  • Read other capture file formats including Sniffer Pro, Tcpdump, Microsoft Network Monitor, Cisco Secure IDS IPlog, etc.
  • Export results to XML, PostScript, CSV or plain text

Wireshark supports up to 2,000 different network protocols and is available on all major operating systems, including:

  • Mac OSX
  • Linux
  • Windows


Nikto is another favorite, well known as part of the Kali Linux Distribution. Other popular Linux distributions like Fedora come with Nikto available in their software repositories. This security tool is used to scan web servers and perform different types of tests against the specified remote host. Also, its clean and simple command line interface makes it really easy to start any vulnerability test against your target.

Nikto’s main features include:

  • Detect default installation files on any operating system
  • Detect outdated software applications
  • Integration with the Metasploit Framework
  • Run cross-site script vulnerability tests
  • Execute dictionary-based brute force attacks
  • Export results in plain text, CSV or HTML files

John the Ripper

It is one of the most popular password crackers of all time and one of the best security tools available for testing password strength on your operating system, or auditing one remotely, thus very useful for ethical hacking. .

Furthermore, John the Ripper can automatically detect the type of encryption used in almost any password and will change its password proofing algorithm accordingly, making it one of the smartest password cracking tools ever.

This ethical hacking tool uses brute force technology to crack passwords and algorithms such as:

  • DES, MD5, puffer fish
  • Kerberos-AFS
  • Hash LM (Lan Manager), the system used in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  • MD4, LDAP, MySQL (using third party modules)

Another advantage is that JTR is open source, cross-platform, and fully available for Mac, Linux, Windows, and Android.


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