Be A Super Hero in Packaging Industry Through Custom Mascara Boxes!

“Show your spark with some beauty.”

Designing cosmetic packaging is not as easy or simple as it may sound. First, you are not aiming for a simple packaging box; it is more than that. You have to beautify the packaging not only for the product’s safety but also for many other jobs. When we talk about custom mascara boxes, females always look for rather fancy and luxurious ones. 

So, keeping the targeted audience in mind while designing the packaging for your makeup brand is essential. 

If you cannot make a headline after the item launch, it is time to work on your custom packaging.

Fancy or Minimal: Which to Follow?

Modern trends in cosmetic packaging are changing with time. Once the trend of fancy boxes was high, many brands now focus on being minimal. But it doesn’t problem as long as your effort on the quality and doesn’t compromise on consumer demand. 

Once you have the correct design, you are good to go. Maintaining quality is essential no matter whether you choose to fancy or simple. Packing mascara in low-quality custom mascara boxes will give the impression of low-quality and inexpensive products.

It would be best to select something loud and vibrant when designing fancy mascara packaging boxes. As compare to fancy boxes, minimal is a much well option. The most significant benefit it provides is affordability. You don’t have to spend much on custom printing and modern customization. In slight design, you can go with just a logo and brand name.

All you need is Change!

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing the Mascara Packaging Box

Most of the time, we have done our best from our side, but nothing is flawless. Your design can have flaws if you don’t follow some rules. While designing a custom mascara packaging box, there are some serious mistakes to avoid.

  • Aim for designing a simple or minimal box but don’t make it tedious. Customers should feel happy about your product.
  • Don’t concession on the design because of your budget or due to a shortage of time. Remember the saying, “Haste can make waste”.
  • If you are selling dissimilar types of mascara, don’t pack all types of goods in the same packaging boxes. You can change the theme color, and texture of the packaging.
  • One mistake which you should evade at all costs is the complicated design. Some designs are so messed up that customs don’t get the message you want to convey.
  • In the desire to save a few bucks, don’t compromise on the excellence of the boxes. Always choose high-quality materials and services to get the best result.

Do You Have to Spend Much On the Custom Packaging?

It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen some affordable or luxurious options as long as you manage to draw customers. Some industries can kick off the design by choosing budget-friendly options; some can’t get the desired packaging even after spending thousands of dollars. So, the correct packaging design doesn’t depend on your spending. 

All that matters are the selections you make. To design the custom boxes, you have two options: go for a DIY or take expert help. Expert help is a costly option and more fit for large names.

For beginners, DIY is a much better option. You can also craft good-looking boxes with already available or used things. If you are doing it yourself, always opt for something simple instead of luxurious options. Once you have recognized your mascara brand, it is good to take expert help.

In addition, many packaging companies offer their custom mascara boxes at affordable rates, allowing you to place an order wholesale. When working with experts, always clear your wants and don’t hesitate to ask for changes.

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