How to Convert Bathtub into a Walk in Shower Enclosure?

The trend of installing a walk-in shower is skyrocketing in the UK. If you ask a bathroom fitter what projects, they are getting most nowadays? You will realize that they are most often asked to convert a bathtub space into a walk-in shower enclosure.

Although few types of baths are still pretty much common when choosing between the two due to lack of space, the walk-in shower is often preferred.

If you are also planning to transform your bathroom into a modern space, then it will be worth looking into the types of benefits you can expect from it and a few tips on making this conversion work for you in the best possible way. 

Advantages of Turning Bathtub into Walk in Shower

You can expect the following advantages from turning a bath into a walk-in shower. 

  • The biggest advantage of a walk-in shower is easier to better accessibility. That means due to option of not installing a shower door can make accessing the main shower area a lot easier. 
  • Although, you can have a walk-in shower enclosure in both small and large sizes. If you are trying to convert a bath into an enclosure, then you will easily have at least 5 feet of room for a spacious shower experience. That will give you a lot of room for getting in and out of the shower area, including mobility to the room. 
  • A walk-in shower enclosure can be a great option for people with mobility challenges. There is even enough room for placing a bench inside the shower area for the elderly. 
  • Another great advantage of this kind of enclosure is that it looks luxurious. You can transform the entire look of your bathroom with them. That’s a major reason the homeowners prefer them. So, it can be your preferred choice if you want to modernize your bathroom. 
  • Since walk in shower enclosures are trendy, buyers want to have them in the property they need to buy. Therefore, experts believe that installing this type of cubicle improves the value of your home. 


It may not be a good idea if it is the only bathtub in your home that you are planning to convert into a walk in enclosure. A bathtub is preferred for a long soak as well for family bathrooms as it helps bathe the children and pets. Moreover, having no bath in any of your bathrooms may make your property less attractive to future buyers. 

Converting a Bathtub into a Walk in Shower

There are the following steps that you will need to take in order to convert a bathtub space into a walk in shower. 

Step 1. Prepare the Space

The first step is obvious you will need to remove the already fitted bathtub from the space. However, it is not the only thing that will require removal. You may also have to remove the tiles that are either associated or attached to the bath in some way or another. It will be the first thing that will require removal, followed by the bathtub.

If you think some plumbing work is required. Its better not to mess with it but rather call a plumber to do the job. We recommend you call an experienced licensed plumber to deal with it. 

Step 2. Rework on Plumbing

Since bathtub and shower enclosure are two different things, you will have different plumbing needs. For example, the first thing you will need to look at is the current drain location and if it can work for the enclosure as well.

There may need to change the drainpipe in size. You will need to think about water inlet and outlet connections at this stage. It is a job that is better to leave for a professional rather then trying to do it yourself unless you know what you are doing. 

Step 3. Work on the Floor Base

The next step is to create the floor for the walk in shower. Premade shower trays available in the market can provide a perfect base for your enclosure. Acrylic or fiberglass can be an economical and durable choice for such a purpose. Another option that you may have is to build your own base with marble or any such material.

But the cost of both types will be the same. When fitting, it is important to tilt the base a little bit towards the drain to help water quickly go into the drain. 

Step 4. Tiling and Shower Panels, and Shower Door

You will need to fix the tiles on the back walls so it appears aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the number of sides available, you will have to fit the glass panels followed by the fitting of the shower door or a curtain. That will be all you need to convert your bath space into a walk-in shower. 

Final Thoughts

Converting a bathtub into a walk in shower enclosure is not that difficult but may require professional assistance. Our tips will help you make this upgrade project easier to handle. Even if you hire a bathroom fitter to do the job, having above discussed information will be helpful for you to understand the requirements. 

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