Are you Instagram ready? 5 Top Tips to prepare for business

You have to be short, precise, and simple, but at the same time, you also have to add a touch of something special that will set you apart. Maintaining attention and being relevant is actually a lot harder than it seems, so get to work as soon as possible. A checkerboard is when every second picture features the same color, while the ones in between them aren’t limited to a particular color.

For example, there is an account over Instagram that shares thousands of photographs every single day. Hence, it can view as a successful photographic Instagram account. These figures imply that for every 100 Instagram followers, you should expect at least engagement from one account. Engagement is currently the highest for image posts at 1.03%, followed by carousel posts at 0.86%.

Look at Glossier, a modern beauty brand that uses Instagram as its main social media channel and features user generated content to great effect. And Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line which focuses on providing makeup for “all skin tones” has 10.8 million Instagram followers and has made its founder a billionaire. Nevertheless, it is important not to forget the relevance of hashtags on Instagram. With the use of relevant hashtags, you get more visibility and popularity.

If TikTok isn’t part of your marketing strategy, you can direct people to your Instagram via your website, email newsletter, podcast, or another social platform. To put that in perspective, for an account with 20K followers, that’s an additional 2.2K accounts reached per post. Plus, you can save multiple caption templates with Later’s Saved Captions feature – that you can add to your posts in two taps. It makes creating great Instagram captions easier than ever.

Or if you don’t want to compete for the same audience, you can search for other hashtags to use. Branded hashtags are hashtags that brands use in their posts, for example #hootsuite. When used on Instagram , hashtags turn into a clickable link. When someone clicks on or searches for a specific hashtag, they will see a page that shows all the content tagged with that hashtag.

Post videos and stories to your account, then use appropriate hashtags and geotags so that your posts can be easily found by people who are in and interested in the area. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. Ideally, you already have at least a couple hundred followers before you start selling. This way, you won’t be posting product photos to an empty account. Of course, you’ll have to start from scratch at some point – just try building a base before you go for the sales. You want to do the kinds of things that successful accounts do, but still create your own unique content and personality.

Hashtags increase the discoverability of the content. You can even run a contest with your branded hashtag to collect user-generated content and make the hashtag even more popular. A branded hashtag is a tag you create yourself to promote your brand, product or campaign. You might also discover some new hashtags to add to your list.

One way to figure out how to get more followers on Instagram is to look into what your current fans respond to. You can monitor several Instagram metrics directly in the app with Instagram Insights or through third-party analytics tools such as Buffer. What works for one business might not suit your branding—even when you’re in similar industries. For example, Juggling Daisies Hobby Farm and Such and Such Farm both consider themselves to be unique farms. Juggling Daises is all about fun stories, cute photos, and wholesome content. Meanwhile, Such and Such Farm has a more rough-around-the-edges style that includes curse words and humor.

It’s no secret that business opportunities are continuing to grow on Instagram. Approximately 90% of Instagram’s 1 billion active monthly users follow a business account on the platform, and there are more than 200 million business accounts. Post one to two times every day and check out when your followers are most active. Schedule posts to go live during those days and times. Use Instagram Stories to post behind-the-scenes photos or videos. Followers will appreciate the insider posts, which builds your relationship with customers.

If the content that you deliver is not consistent and not properly scheduled, the impact can be far less than what you would expect. Travel bloggers like Lauren Bullen or Travis Burke put their experiences or stories about a particular place with the picture they post. They not only provide information to their readers but also want to pique their interest.

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