An insurer’s ability to pay claims

An insurer’s ability to pay claims

An insurer’s ability to pay claims should be a factor when considering an insurance company. American Income Life has consistently earned high ratings for Financial Strength.

American Income Life, along with our New York subsidiary, National Income Life, is worth $5 billion with more than $81 billion of current life insurance in 2021 (as of 12/21). Source: AIL Internal Business RecordsNumber of life insurance claims paid by AIL in 2021:


While other companies downsize, American Income Life continues to experience growth. AIL’s efforts are focused on creating more union jobs. We can proudly state that we are a 100% union-focused company. From the representatives in the field who fill out an application, the administrative staff in the Corporate Office, to the CEO, we all work with a focus on unions.

In addition, with increased commissions, productivity bonuses and a lifetime share award, AIL’s field workforce has experienced phenomenal growth in long-term net worth and a secure financial future. To learn more about opportunities with American Income Life, visit our Careers page .


American Income Life no solo asegura a sus clientes. También apoyamos causas que son importantes para nuestros asegurados. En el corazón de American Income Life Insurance Company está la acción de Dar. Retribuir a nuestras comunidades es vital para el éxito de nuestra Compañía. De hecho, la acción de dar se refleja en cada faceta de American Income Life y a sus subsidiarias. La caridad es la que nos ha otorgado la confianza y lealtad de nuestros asegurados y el respeto de la Comunidad.

American Income Life es una Compañía de Seguros Diferente

Since its inception, Bernard Rapoport founded American Income Life Insurance Company on the principle of supporting the Workforce. Just like you, we deal with everyday problems. American Income Life has a long history and rich tradition of partnering with the workforce community through national and local leaders, supporting critical issues and campaigns, and investing in the public policy agenda that reflects the core values ​​vital to all working people.

“I remain convinced that the American free enterprise system requires a labor movement that guarantees workplace democracy and fairness among workers. I’m proud of the labor movement, and I’m proud of my relationship with it. It seems excellent to me that one does well, doing good.” Bernard Rapoport, Founder of AIL

American Income Life works with the nation’s most prominent labor organizations, leaders, and activists. This includes working with the leaders and members of more than 45 international unions.

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